Witte Museum Hosts Lecture on Paleo Diet, Nov. 12


Part of the Wagner Lecture Series, Learn What Our Paleolithic Ancestors Really Ate

Learn about what our Paleolithic ancestors in Texas and elsewhere really ate from experts at the Witte Museum during the Nov. 12 Wagner Lecture Series event, “Paleo Diet – Fact or Fad?” Most Natural Awakenings readers have heard of the Paleo diet, based on foods presumed to have been eaten by early humans.

The diet consists of mostly meat, fish, vegetables and fruit and excludes dairy, grains and processed foods. University Health System Clinical Dietician Kasey Oroian joins Witte Museum staff members Harry Shafer, curator of archeology, and Bryan Bayles, curator of anthropology and health, to discuss what we know about the diets of our Paleolithic ancestors and help distinguish the facts from the fad.

The Wagner Lecture Series event takes place from 6:30-8:30 p.m. at the Witte Museum, 3801 Broadway. A donation of $5 for members and students and $10 for non-members is suggested. For more information visit www.wittemuseum.org or call 210-357-1910.

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