Winter Allergy Support: Holistic, Natural Relief is Available


by Beverly Meyer

Allergies may be the No. 1 cause of both “getting” sick and “feeling” sick this time of year. What’s the difference? Sneezing, coughing, fatigue and headache can be either cedar allergy symptoms or the effects of a virus. Many people suffer through weeks of misery when they could feel better quickly if they simply took the right allergy support. Ironically, if you get run down by an allergy, you ARE more likely to get sick with a bacteria or virus, so be prepared, and keep that allergy under control with natural methods.

Mountain Cedar

Mountain Cedar pollen is a strong allergen, and many of us suffer greatly from it. Cedar is at its peak right now, causing burning eyes, cough, fatigue and immune suppression. A proven way to fight cedar allergy is with custommade homeopathic cedar pellets taken 1 to 3 times daily under the tongue. They can be taken in late fall to help build resistance to cedar, but they also work when taken as needed on heavy pollen days.

Dust Mites

Dust mite allergy is almost universal in the winter too, due to our burrowing down in blankets and pillows trying to warm up. Dust mites feed on discarded skin particles, and they happily reside in all kinds of fabrics, including pillows, mattresses, sofas and coats. Wash, vacuum, dry clean or tumble in a cold or hot dryer. Get a dust mite cover for your mattress and pillows. Also, consider a latex mattress and pillow; they are chemical free and won’t harbor dust mites.

Relief Options

For allergy relief, take Quercitin daily, either alone or in my favorite formula called D-Hist. Quercitin is a bioflavonoid with fantastic anti-allergy properties. Once you have tried homeopathic cedar and some Quercitin, you will be buying them for everyone you know. They really work! You can also get support formulas to help them work even better.

Avoiding intolerant foods is essential now. Sugar, alcohol, milk, cookies and breads, crackers and other carbohydrates seem tempting, but most people have at least low-level intolerances to wheat, cow’s milk and sugar. Eating these foods when your immune system is already fighting cedar pollen, dust mites and winter germs is unwise. Eat proteins, veggies, fats and a little whole fruit instead.

Finally, stress and lack of sleep compound every problem we have. If your life is a roller coaster of stress and over-commitments, consider the word “NO.” It’s better to live well and steadily than to live and die in a rush.

One final tip: Keep your car’s HVAC on recirculate. This greatly reduces pollen exposure while driving.

BeverlyMeyerBeverlyMeyerBeverly MeyerBeverly Meyer is a holistic and clinical nutritionist in practice since 1985. She owns the Diet & Health Center in San Antonio, and her popular podcast, “Primal Diet – Modern Health,” is available on iTunes or her website at Follow her blog and Facebook community for the latest in natural health news from “Beverly Meyer on Diet and Health.” She can be reached for consults at 210-826-0034.

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