Winston School Hosts 24th Annual Learning Disabilities Symposium Jan 31


Keynote Speaker Focusing on “The Revolutionary New Science of Exercise and the Brain”

San Antonio’s Winston School opened its doors in 1985, and within a few short years the school hosted its first learning symposium to educate parents, educators, health care professionals and therapists about the behaviors and challenges presented by children with ADHD and/or learning disabilities. This year the school proudly hosts its 24th symposium on Friday, Jan. 31, and it is expected to draw more than 400 physicians, nurses, speech and language, occupational and physical therapists, counselors, social workers, educators and parents.

The full-day event begins at 8:30 a.m. and continues until 4 p.m.

The keynote speaker is Dr. John J Ratey, associate professor of psychiatry at Harvard Medical School. Dr. Ratey is an internationally renowned expert on ADD-ADHD and is known for his “Driven to Distraction” series, co-authored by Dr. Edward Hallowell. For the symposium, Dr. Ratey will focus on his latest book, “Spark – The Revolutionary New Science of Exercise and the Brain.”

The symposium includes an Ethics Track, led by Dr. Thomas Jefferson, on Healthcare Ethics: Clinical, Organizational and Research Updates for Academics and Practitioners. It also includes a number of breakout sessions including:

  •  “The Many Facets of ADHD,” by Andrew Martin, M.D. n “Motor Development,” by Robert Strauss, Ph.D.
  • “Disciplinary Literacy: Implications for Students at Risk for Academic Failure,” by Julia Eyer, Ph.D. n “You Are What You Eat,” by Beverly Swango.
  • “Sleep Disorders,” by Joshua Rotenberg, M.D.
  •  “Social Media and Development: Raising and Teaching Children in Real Life and Online,” by Dana Comstock, Ph.D.

The Winston School, in its 28th year, offers a personalized college preparatory education for students with average-to-high potential and identified learning differences. Its secondary mission is to serve as a community resource for training, diagnosis, information and research.

For more information about The Winston School and the 24th Annual Learning Symposium, visit or call 210-615-7485.

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