Unlimited Thought Life Enrichment Center Celebrates 30 Years of Consciousness Expansion

Unlimited Thought Life Enrichment Center Celebrates 30 Years of Consciousness Expansion

Celebrating 30 years in .business in San Antonio is a huge milestone. It’s a feat even more significant when you’re serving an eclectic niche of alternative, metaphysical, free-thinking, consciousness-seeking progressives who are searching for deeper spiritual connections and awakenings.

That’s the audience well-served for the past three decades by the Unlimited Thought Life Enrichment Center.

Unlimited Thought began as a bookstore in 1987, the creation of Bill Utterbeck, who at the time was an Air Force civilian contract instructor pilot who had recently experienced his own personal awakening. “I knew that I wanted to assist others in their awakening; the only question was how,” he said. The bookstore opened in September 1987, when “New Age” was a hot topic. Utterbeck ran out of money within a few months and sold his two airplanes to keep the business going.

The business has always been focused on helping people on their personal spiritual journey, Utterback said. “One thing I learned early on is there is no one best path for all,” he said. “Each person is an individual, and each person’s path to spirituality is a unique one. All positive energy paths are supported by Unlimited Thought.”

Unlimited Thought is open seven days a week and hosts monthly Body- Mind-Spirit fairs the first weekend of each month. The 30th Anniversary Fair takes place Aug. 5, 6 from 12-7 p.m. The center is open seven days each week and offers a wide variety of spiritual and metaphysical books, incense, candles, crystals, unique gifts and a schedule of daily classes, seminars, discussion groups and other activities. It’s a place to receive intuitive counseling, energy work, hypnotherapy, life coaching, massage therapy and reflexology.

Utterbeck said he believes that the number of people seeking spiritual awakenings will “reach tidal wave proportions” as global consciousness shifts from being fear-based to love-based. “There has never been a fixed plan for Unlimited Thought other than to assist in this shift of consciousness. Our mission has been to provide the means to assist people in making choices on how to expand their consciousness and enrich their lives. I hope the center will continue to do that for years to come.”

Unlimited Thought Life Enrichment Center is located at 5525 Blanco Rd. and is open seven days each week. For more information, visit www.unlimitedthought. com.

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