Tranzicion Helps Clients Achieve Long-Term Weight Loss Success


EDITOR’S NOTE: Enrique Vasquez started Tranzicion Food-Focused Weight Loss Center about a year and a half ago after losing nearly 100 pounds through a combination of physical activity and healthy eating changes. Late last year he decided to move Tranzicion into the Eilan community on La Cantera Parkway. We asked Enrique to share more about Tranzicion with readers.

What is Tranzicion?

We are a food-focused weight loss center that improves people’s lives by providing the accountability, education, guidance and coaching they need to successfully lose weight and keep it off.

We focus on the root cause of weight gain, which for the majority of people is what and how they eat.

What motivated you to start Tranzicion?

I spent more than 20 years struggling with my weight. I tried multiple weightloss methods and programs, and I usually had the kind of success most people have: short-term success. I would reach my weight-loss goal and feel great. Then a few weeks or months would go by, and the weight would all come back.

My personal search for the “magic pill” taught me that there is no magic to losing weight and keeping it off. I discovered that the true “secret” is a lifestyle change that includes healthy eating and exercise. When I was finally able to lose 90 pounds and keep it off for the long term, I was a new person. I felt amazing and loved my new body. People close to me noticed, and they asked for my help. Because I lived their struggle, I wanted to help; I was filled with this huge motivation to share what worked for me. That’s the seed that started Tranzicion.


Enrique – After

What makes Tranzicion different?

We do not focus on exercise to lose weight; we focus on the core problems that make most people gain weight, which are the wrong foods and nutritional choices. We take a multi-month approach to slowly implement the necessary changes for a successful transformation, customized to fit the specific needs of each client. Some packages include trips to the grocery store and hands-on cooking lessons. Think of us as your personal food trainer. We recognize that each client is different, that each person is at a different point in his or her weightloss journey. Our approach ensures that each client receives the resources and assistance needed to achieve long-term success.

What do you enjoy most about what you do?

I enjoy seeing and hearing the improvements in confidence, self-esteem, attitude and happiness. It is extremely rewarding to witness the mental and physical transformations of our clients.

What might surprise someone about Tranzicion?

Most people are surprised at how easy it becomes to lose weight and keep if off as their life is transformed through a new set of healthy behaviors. It is amazing how easy and simple it can be.

Tranzicion is located in Promenade One at Eilan, 78257, off La Cantera Parkway, For more information. For more information, visit or call 210-819-7360.

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