Traits to Look for in a Trainer


by Cecily Casey

Engage a personal trainer based on his/her positive responses to the following qualifiers.



  •  Starts by discussing short- and long-term goals
  •  Customizes a program for individual needs
  •  Reviews one’s health history in detail
  •  Conducts a posture analysis
  •  Screens each client for quality of movement
  •  Asks the client to track his or her food intake 4 Provides helpful cues for improvement during sessions
  •  Critiques movement from various angles
  •  Is able to ramp up or ease off exercise challenges as needed 4 Never uses the phrase, “No pain, no gain”
  •  Keeps current with educational certifications, workshops and seminars

Cecily Casey is co-owner of RealFit Gym, in Highland Park, IL, where she is a practicing American College of Sports Medicine certified personal trainer.

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