The Power of Qi: Learning to Harness Inner and Outer Energy through Qigong


Editor’s note: Kathy Rivera Wallace interviewed Jeff Primack, a Qigong teacher who founded Qi Revolution to introduce the practice to large groups across the U.S. Primack’s Qi Revolution stops at the Houston Convention Center Aug. 22-25.

Kathy Rivera Wallace: I attended a Qi Revolution conference and was blown away seeing so many different types of people practicing together. What makes learning Qigong in big groups more powerful?

Jeff Primack: Where two are more are gathered, a unified Qi field exists. Qigong breaks through people’s doubt with a tangible magnetic force. When a few thousand people practice Qigong in a convention center ballroom, the group energy from all the focused people makes the Qi far stronger than what we can achieve alone. The most spiritually profound practices are breathing exercises that deliver a type of “euphoric high” from the oxygen and energy absorption. Part of our success in sharing Qigong comes from the use of video-animation and specialized music allowing people to feel and connect to Qi powerfully. Feeling a “magnetic arc of energy” flowing overhead and pulsing through the arms is heavenly divine.

Wallace: I found the Qi to be life changing. Can you outline the overall essence of Qigong for newcomers?

Primack: The first goal of Qigong is to absorb external Qi from the air around us, the air we breathe. Breathing techniques and graceful movements harness and absorb this energy directly. Your personal energy is internal Qi, and this builds up quickly with practice and eventually overflows the Dan Tien region of your body. The most profound secret of Qigong is to raise energy up the spine to the pineal and pituitary gland. I’ve spent my life studying with different Qigong masters from all over the world, and it’s fascinating to see, unlike professional athletes, that the oldest Qigong practitioners have the strongest abilities.

Wallace: You’re currently teaching a Food-Healing class with a physician, Claudia Gabrielle, M.D. How does the medical community respond to your teachings on using food to reverse specific diseases?

Primack: To be honest, when I first began teaching Food-Healing in 2005 there was less interest from physicians than now. Due to more scientific studies now backing the food protocols I’ve shared the last 10 years, I have a lot more attention from doctors and have certified many in our Conquering Any Disease food healing system. Dr. Claudia was deeply inspired by the Qi Revolution food component. She grew tired of prescribing Lipitor to every patient with high cholesterol, especially when studies now show high cholesterol is not even a key indicator for risk. Since meeting us last year, she has helped countless patients with our food protocols for heart disease. Both Qigong and Food-Healing are beneficial to reaching our highest potential.

Wallace: What about the Qi Revolution conference is most exciting for people?

Primack: Feeling your body coming alive and supercharged with energy is pretty exciting. Discovering your own higher potential is like an epiphany. Learning to use Food-Healing to maximize your state of well-being stands out, but most of all I’d say the 9-Breath circle is the tops. We are all holding hands doing a powerful Qigong breathing technique and the combined group energy is indescribable. Hands are electric, and everyone experiences a feeling of oneness.

Jeff PrimackJeff Primack’s Qi Revolution visits the Houston Convention Center Aug. 22-25. The event includes a trained group of 20 Qigong teachers who will teach four days of Qigong; the event is expected to be the largest Qigong gathering in Texas this year. Cost for the four-day event is $149; for tickets and more information, call 800-298-8970 or visit www.qirevolution. com. See display ad on page 2.

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