THE HEAT IS ON: Energy Costs Expected to Rise Due to Higher Use This Summer

CPS Energy

Editor’s note: The following information was provided in a recent press release from CPS Energy.

With forecasters predicting that this summer will be hotter than 2012, it’s a safe bet that air conditioners throughout the city will go into overdrive, resulting in higher energy consumption – and higher cooling bills. CPS Energy is estimating that its customers can expect to pay on average about 9 percent more per month this summer. That’s an average increase of about $13.50 per month.

Cool Tips

CPS Energy offers the following tips to help reduce the sting of expected higher energy bills:

  •  Have the central AC and duct system property checked by a professional contractor. Air conditioners require regular maintenance to work at peak efficiency.
  •  Buy an energy-efficient central AC and qualify for rebates of $100 to $225 per ton. For more information, call 210-353-2723 or visit
  •  Set your thermostat between 78-80 degrees. For added savings, get a free programmable thermostat from CPS Energy. For more information, call tollfree 866-222-7645.
  •  Clean and replace air conditioner filters more frequently during the summer months when your system is working harder. CPS Energy recommends replacing filters every two weeks during the summer.
  • Use fans to feel 3-4 degrees cooler than the actual room temperature.
  • Seal air ducts around doors and windows.

“The good news is, despite the slight increase in monthly bills resulting from higher usage, in San Antonio we will continue to have the lowest energy costs among the 20 largest cities in the country,” says Maria Koudouris, CPS Energy senior vice president of customer service and gas delivery.

CPS Energy is the nation’s largest municipally owned natural gas and electric company, providing service to approximately 741,000 electric and 331,000 natural gas customers in the Greater San Antonio area. The company offers the lowest rates among the top 10 largest U.S. cities, while ranking No. 1 in wind-energy capacity among municipally owned systems and No. 1 in Texas for solar generation. For more conservation tips and information on rebates, visit

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