Tarot Now: The Three of Wands


by Kathleen Smith

August is a great time to prepare for the coming season. Whether you’re a parent getting your child ready for the new school year, or an event planner setting up the calendar for corporate parties, weddings, or holidays, you’re busy and may be feeling a bit overwhelmed.

The Three of Wands illustrates your interaction with the outside world. The amount of energy, effort and knowledge you apply this month determines how fast you reach your targets and rewards. When this card appears in your reading, it says that you make an impact in every public task you take on, even the ones that appear thankless at the time you complete them. You’re good at what you do; you provide value at every interaction.

The number three talks about associations and partnerships, the casual and the formal. Focus, keep your feet moving, and do not let pride or conceit turn your attention to superficial things. They may be shiny, but they don’t last long. Make this new season of “planting,” for school, new projects, new contacts and new directions, turn into a bountiful harvest – all from your diligent and inspired effort.

Kathleen Smith is a tarot card and rune reader who lives in San Antonio and owns Tarot Kat Readings. Consider including her in your next party or event. She can be reached at TarotKatReadings@gmail.com or at 214-240-0690.

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