TAROT NOW: The Page of Cups Signals Opportunities to Connect and Renew


by Kathleen Smith

Spring is here, bringing relief from winter and the anticipation of new adventures and new connections. The pages in the Tarot deck are the harbingers of new opportunities coming up, and of second chances to feel good, proud and confident, whether at work or at play. 

The Page of Cups reminds us of beginnings and renewals. It shows us how to relax in our feelings and emotions though interaction with others.

There are those in your life who feel affection and gratitude toward you. Occasionally these people may show those feelings by giving you a gift. It’s a great time to learn how to receive compliments or gifts from family, friends or colleagues. The Page of Cups signifies refreshing oneself by simply accepting what is offered. Sometimes just reconnecting with a friend, a mentor or a loved one after a long absence is a gift you can give yourself that both of you would enjoy.

Another gift you can give yourself is a new hobby that has a social element such as taking group guitar lessons, or joining a running group to prepare for a 5K or half marathon event. These and similar activities do more than just move your limbs – they move your heart and mind as well.

So when you get those invitations to have some fun or do something new, say “Yes!” It’s what’s in the Cup!

Kathleen Smith is a tarot card and rune reader who lives in San Antonio and owns Tarot Kat Readings. Consider including her in your next party or event. She can be reached through the Unlimited Thought Bookstore; call 210-525-0693 to schedule a reading.

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