TAROT NOW: The Five of Swords


by Kathleen Smith

One underlying theme in our American culture seems to be the constant juggling act. We are conditioned to keep multiple plates in the air without dropping one. We think that we can always add one or two more without dropping any of the others.

It’s often a recipe for disaster. Maybe a new plate is a little bigger or heavier, or a sudden gust of wind suddenly blows through, or someone nearby sneezes, and our careful balance shifts and the plates come crashing down. The result is a lot of missed opportunities, broken promises, delays. It can be a lot to fix or mend, and it can be overwhelming, especially if we feel alone.

The Five of Swords often shows up for my clients who are in this kind of predicament. The card says we are not alone, that others are rooting for us (whether we hear them or not), that all is not as lost as it seems.

This card lets us know we really have more working for us, going our way, than working against us. It reminds us to pick one small thing to start with, and then go to the next, and the next. Your juggling pace and capacity will improve, and you’ll soon have those plates in the air again, this time with more assurance and control.

Kathleen Smith is a tarot card and rune reader who lives in San Antonio and owns Tarot Kat Readings. Consider including her in your next party or event. She can be reached at 210-802-6250 or tarotkatreadings@ gmail.com.

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