TAROT NOW: JUNE 2013 by Kathleen Smith


Summer’s here, and most of us are anticipating vacationing and relaxing with our children, family and friends. Summer vacation options seem endless—a weeklong cruise, the beach at Galveston or South Padre, tubing on the Guadalupe River, state and national parks, cookouts, the zoo, pick-up games and much more. Where do we begin?

The Six of Swords and the Six of Cups point out that the destination isn’t what’s important – it’s not where you go that matters; instead, focus on the people you’re with and how you treat them. The Swords are a warning not to let yourself or those you’re with get into situations where “impulse control” becomes a problem, while Cups remind you that family and friends aren’t just shared DNA, obligations and experiences, but deep bonds of the heart.

So when you’re out with family or friends, look around, and remind yourself why you like them, why you love them, and then tell them. Take every opportunity to demonstrate your love to each of them. Let them do the same for you. Later on, when you need someone to lean on, or you’re not too steady on your feet, let one of them take the wheel. Don’t argue or protest; just say, “thank you.” It’s just another way of saying “I love you, too.” Let the Swords and Cups remind you to appreciate and love the people in your life.

Kathleen Smith is a tarot card and rune reader who lives in San Antonio and owns Tarot Kat Readings. Consider including her in your next summer party. She can be reached at TarotKatReadings@gmail.com or at 214-240-0690

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