Sweet Yams Starts “Lovestarter” Exchange to Spread Organic, Sustainable Goodness


First Goal is 45-Acre Farm for Organic Food and Seed Production

The owners of Sweet Yams, located on North Cherry Street, a few short blocks east of Sunset Station, live to spread love. Every Facebook post is punctuated with, “We love you!” and their southern-cooked organic and mostly gluten-free dishes are certainly made with oodles of delicious love.

Their latest venture hopes to spread all that love a lot farther with their new Lovestarter Exchange. Lovestarter, inspired by Kickstarter, aims to be a “reliable source to trade funding for projects that the community benefits from immediately,” according to their Facebook page. “We hope to inspire groups to join and launch efficient, effective ‘people projects’ based on confirmed methods, math and/or science.”

Shannon Kossaeth, Shane Duncan and Gus Bard, who own Sweet Yams, are big-dreaming folks who hope to transform San Antonio through the availability of affordable organic, local foods. That’s one reason their first Lovestarter goal is to raise funds to purchase the rights to a 45-acre organic farm for organic food and seed production. They also hope to launch small organic markets and food delivery throughout San Antonio. Their goal is to raise $150,000 by Jan. 15, 2015, and Natural Awakenings readers can help. There are lots of ways to make a Lovestarter contribution for Sweet Yams meals and “I’m a Lovestarter” T-shirts.

GIFT IDEA: A great way to participate is their holiday meal exchange. For a $160 exchange contribution, you’ll receive two Lovestarter T-shirts, four tickets to the Sweet Yams’ “Love Energy Celebration,” and an incredible assortment of Sweet Yams cooking that includes their one-of-a-kind sweet potato cupcakes. Act now, because holiday meal exchange orders end after Dec. 10.

Sweet Yams is located at 218 N. Cherry St. For more information about the Lovestarter Exchange, visit the Sweet Yams Facebook page: SweetYamsOrganic or call 210-229-YAMS (9267).

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