SUPER-CHARGED: High and Low Frequencies in Foods, in our Bodies


Did you know that every living thing has measurable electric frequency or vibration? Frequency is the measured rate of electric energy that is constant between any two points.

Measuring Frequencies

Dr. Robert O. Becker, M.D., documented the frequency of the human body in his book, The Electric Body. Later, Bruce Tainio of Tainio Technology in Washington, invented new equipment to measure the frequencies of humans and food, which he calculated in megahertz (MHz). His device enabled him to determine the relationship between frequency and disease.

Royal Raymond Rife, M.D., developed a device called the “Frequency Generator” and discovered that he could destroy a cancer cell or a virus by using certain frequencies. He discovered that these frequencies would destroy and prevent the development of disease. For instance, substances with higher frequencies will destroy diseases of a lower frequency.

Bjorn Nordenstrom, a radiologist from Sweden, discovered he could dissolve cancer tumors and stop their growth by putting an electrode inside the tumor and running a milliamp direct current through the electrode. He went on to discover electronegative and electropositive energy fields in the body, documented in his book Biologically Closed Circuits.

Food Frequencies

What you put in and on your body will affect your body’s fundamental frequency at a cellular level. For instance, if your diet is mostly made up of foods with low megahertz like meats and processed foods, your overall body frequencies and cellular energy will be lower. Over time, your body will began to be hospitable to bacteria, viruses and pain normally kept in check by proper body chemistry. There are many things that will increase your cellular energy, raising your frequency, keeping your body healthy. An organic diet high in raw plant material, healthy fats, ancient grains, nuts, seeds and proteins is critical to cellular vitality.

Essential Oils

Essential oils that can be safely ingested have been verified as being much higher in frequency than plants, herbs and food. Clinical research shows that therapeutic grade essential oils have the highest frequency of any natural substance known and that they create an environment in which disease, bacteria, fungus and viruses cannot live. Daily use of essential oils and a nutritious diet allow your body to create new healthy cells and keep your cell’s “batteries” charged and running at optimum capacity.



Fundamental Frequencies of Food

  •  Processed food = 0 MHz
  • Meat = 2 MHz
  •  Fresh herbs = 20-27 MHz
  • Green foods = 65-75 MHz
  • Green cold-pressed juice and spirulina = 170 MHz
  • Essential oils start at 52 MHz and go as high as 320 MHz

Fundamental Frequencies of People

  • Healthy human brain = 71-90 MHz
  • Healthy human body (overall) = 62-68 MHz
  •  When you have cold symptoms = 58 MHz
  •  When you have flu symptoms = 57 MHz
  • When you have cancer = 42 MHz
  • When one begins to die = 25 MHz
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