STAR CARD: A Reminder to Pause for Gratitude


by Kathleen Smith

This is the unofficial midpoint of the year, the perfect time for a holiday. Parades meander through the streets, charcoal is lit, families and friends gather to laugh, tell stories and decompress in the fun of each other’s company. We gear up for the next steps on the path to our goals, or we take a breath before we pursue a new direction.

One thing many of us forget to do? Notice the blessings in our lives, big and small. The Star card in the tarot guides us to display our gratitude in very simple ways: Giving back a portion of what was received, ensuring there is something there for the next time, or the next person. The Star doesn’t look at giving or receiving as two separate ideas; she lives them as ONE idea—and revels in it! So take a moment for gratitude. Before you head for the hills or the beach, drop off a bag of food at the food bank, meditate for a moment at a memorial, or hold the door open for someone. It will make your July!

Kathleen Smith is a tarot card and rune reader who lives in San Antonio and owns Tarot Kat Readings. Consider including her in your next summer party. She can be reached at or at 214-240-0690.

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