Solar Harvest: New Technology Makes Windows Power Producers

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SolarWindow Technologies’ new window coatings are a “fi rst of its kind” technology that could turn the buildings we live and work in into self-suffi cient, mini power stations. They can generate electricity on seethrough glass and fl exible plastics with colored tints popular in skyscraper glass.

The coating can be applied to all four sides of tall buildings, generating electricity using natural and artifi cial light conditions and even shaded areas. Its organic materials are so ideal for low-cost, high-output manufacturing that the technology is already part of 42 product patent applications.

When applied to windows on towers, it’s expected to generate up to 50 times the power of conventional rooftop solar systems while delivering 15 times the environmental benefi ts. For example, a single SolarWindow installation can avoid the amount of carbon emissions produced by vehicles driving about 2.75 million miles per year, compared to 180,000 miles for conventional rooftop systems.

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