Siclovia Heads to the South Side on March 30: Fun and Fit Event Hits the Streets of South St. Mary’s and East Cesar Chavez


Siclovia is an established brand in the Alamo City, but it’s venturing into new territory on March 30. That’s the date Siclovia will take its street party away from its familiar home on Broadway and move to San Antonio’s south side. The event, organized by the YMCA of Greater San Antonio, offers people the chance to bike, jog, walk, skateboard and enjoy numerous activities on major streets normally occupied by vehicular traffic.

This year’s March event starts at the intersection of South St. Mary’s Street and East Cesar Chavez Boulevard and continues down to Mission Concepcion along the San Antonio River.

Participants will enjoy activities and vendors at key stops, as well as Reclovias, areas featuring exercise demonstrations, scheduled group activities and free-form recreational activities such as hula hooping, sidewalk chalk art, street tennis, jump rope and soccer games.

Siclovia is a free, family-friendly event that begins at 11 a.m. and continues until 4 p.m. For more information visit

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