SELF LOVE: Heal From Within, and Shift Your World


by Michelle Mallady

Do you ever think to yourself, “If only my situation (or another individual) would change, my life would be great?” It would be wonderful if the circumstances or people in your life could change for the better, but it doesn’t usually work that way. If you want to see improvements in your current experiences, you must stop waiting for things to shift in the outer world and recognize that the change you’re looking for will come from inside you.

When you begin the journey towards healing yourself, all the other people and circumstances in your life will transform in relation to you.

Waiting for things to be different is a wearisome, frustrating course of action. But embracing growth in the areas of your mind, body, emotions and spirit is exhilarating. The moment you become willing to flow with the process, something powerful happens. You open a doorway to learning how to release the blocks and barriers that have been getting in the way of you discovering your own power, inner wisdom and strengths.

If you feel an emotion, an old, repressed, hardened chunk of emotion, or a more recent one that has arisen alog the path, you can free it and the belief that is attached to it: I am unlovable. Life has to be difficult. I am not enough.

When you release the stale emotional energy of the past and the false beliefs linked to it, your spirit ignites and your body shifts. You experience a cleansing and detoxification. You awaken to the truth that you can choose happiness, freedom, forgiveness and self-love. Soon you come to a more evolved awareness about yourself, about life. I am lovable. Life is intended to be simple, easy, exciting and adventurous. I am liberated to be at peace. I have choices about my experiences. I can reveal my heart and soul to the world.

Then, right before your eyes, the change that you’ve been waiting for happens, but it happens as a result of your own evolutionary process—not because something or someone outside of you transformed.

Trust the process of healing yourself. Honor it. Respect it. When you start to love yourself more each day, it’s astonishing how your life continuously gets better. You feel better. You look healthier. You become connected to your soul purpose. Money is available as you need it. Your relationships improve, or the negative ones melt away making space for positive supportive people to come into your life.

Taking charge of your life experiences leads to a remembrance of how incredibly wonderful you truly are and always have been.

Michelle Mullady is a joyful living mentor, master energy intuitive, spiritual guide, author and transformational healing workshop leader. She helps women and men suffering from pain and struggling in their lives to recover their personal energy, develop their intuition, transform their distress and enjoy the experience of being fully alive. To learn more, visit

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