REDUCE, REUSE, RECYCLE… RESCUE!: Many Area Agencies Seek Loving Homes for “Recycled” Pets


by Jeanne Strauss

If you are thinking about bringing a new pet into your home, consider the fourth “R”: Rescue. There are thousands of abandoned, stray or neglected animals in San Antonio shelters. Some are in danger of euthanasia because no one will step up to give them a new home. 

Kayak’s Story

Kayak, a 2-year-old, flashy fawn male boxer, was one of those dogs. He was found as a stray just south of San Antonio and taken to a shelter. From there, Kayak was brought to Alamo Boxer Rescue.

When he arrived, Kayak was a sorrowful sight. He was emaciated and treated for mange, hookworms and numerous injuries. He showed signs of neglect and abuse. He was neutered, received required vaccinations and was placed in a loving volunteer foster home.

Slowly, Kayak learned to trust people again. He spent the first couple of weeks hiding in his crate, watching the other dogs receive attention and love. Before long, he was tentatively seeking affection and enjoying the good food.

Foster Success

NA_SA_10_14_Final_Page_35_Image_0001After being in foster care for three months, Kayak approaches everyone at Adoption Days and puts a paw on them to ask for ear rubs. He now interacts with people well and shows his smarts. One warm day, his foster mom was taking him home from an adoption event and suddenly noticed hot air flowing into the car. She turned around to find that Kayak had rolled down the automatic window. His head hung out through the window, lips flapping in the breeze and a big smile on his face.

She quickly wove through traffic, rolled the window back up and continued on her way. A few minutes later, she felt the hot breeze again. Kayak had found the button for the other rear window!

Seeking a Loving Family

Kayak is looking for his forever home now, preferably one with automatic car windows, good food and lots of love. He will share his home with children, other dogs, retired folks or apartment dwellers. He’s not a high-energy dog, so doesn’t need as much exercise as a typical boxer. He is crate trained but can be left out of the crate when alone during the day. He is also house trained and does well on a leash.

Kayak also has the distinction of being the official mascot for this year’s Boxer BOOgie, the annual 5K/3K walk/ run that supports Alamo Boxer Rescue. This year’s Boxer BOOgie takes place Sunday, Oct. 26, at McAllister Park.

Alamo Boxer Rescue is one of many great rescue organizations and shelters in San Antonio. Whether you are looking for a Dachshund, a Great Dane or a designer malti-poo-goldendoodle mixed mutt, consider sharing your home with a recycled friend who will be forever grateful for the second chance.

JeanneStraussJeanne Strauss is the adoption coordinator for Alamo Boxer Rescue and can be reached at If you would like to adopt or foster one of these great dogs, visit to see profiles for available dogs. For more information about the Oct. 26 Boxer BOOgie, visit For a list of other local rescue and adoption organizations, see www. > Rescue Organizations of San Antonio.

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