Ready, Set, Juice! Fresh, Local, Cold-Pressed Juices Offer Renewed Health, Vitality


by Elsa Alonzo

As you’ve likely noticed, juice bars are popping up everywhere in San Antonio. People can’t seem to get enough of these healthy and colorful liquid concoctions, and with catchy juice monikers like Gremlin, Rambo Rio and Beetox, hip has officially collided with the once bland world of health with a bang. Juice bars are squeezing new life into San Antonio. Instead of one or two juicing establishments, we now ave choices all over town offering healthy, unpasteurized pressed juice combinations that are helping residents experience a healthier, more vibrant lifestyle.

Raw juices of today are no longer comparable to the processed or pasteurized store-bought juices that denaturize vital proteins and beneficial bacteria. Its cold-pressed counterpart is fresh, sophisticated, colorful and packed with nutrient-dense toxin decimators.

Today’s health-conscious consumers are not just merely drinking more kale juice, they are purchasing juice cleanses in droves. Take LaCharles Pinson, a native son of East Texas who works as an engineer in the state’s roughhewn oil fields. He’s not a health nut, but after being diagnosed with high blood pressure LaCharles decided it was time for a lifestyle change, so he did what any juice novice would do: He searched the web. He was immediately intrigued by what a juice cleanse could do to enhance his health. He also learned that fresh, raw juice not only contains greater nutritional value, it also contains life-enhancing properties. It’s like drinking a natural vitamin with life-giving enzymes, essential minerals and antioxidants, which are vital for optimal health.

A juice cleanse gives your body a rest from digesting and is the golden ticket to a healthier, happier and toxinfree lifestyle.

Here’s a short list of health benefits from a raw juice regimen:

  •  Improved immunity
  •  Curbed unhealthy food cravings
  • Decreased inflammation
  • Enhanced mental clarity
  •  Higher metabolism
  • Restored natural pH balance
  • Weight loss
  •  Increased energy
  • Clearer complexion

Juicing was the logical choice for LaCharles’ busy lifestyle. He visited a local juice bar and has experienced a transformation. Since incorporating raw juices into his diet six months ago, he is a walking testament on what juicing can do for an impaired system. He has lost 50 pounds, regulated his blood pressure and has experienced a dramatic increase in his energy levels.

LaCharles is not alone in his quest for better health. He is part of a progressive movement happening across our community where throngs of health-conscious seekers and juicing newbies enjoy the widening variety of veggie and fruit juice combinations.

While juicing isn’t a fountain of youth, incorporating raw, fresh juices into your diet will definitely kick-start your health and leave you feeling sheepishly zen-like. Fabulous is no longer just reserved for Hollywood starlets; it can be yours in the form of a 16 ounce bottle of fresh juice from your neighborhood juice bar. Raise your kale to your heart, San Antonio, and enjoy becoming a whole lot juicier.

Elsa Alonzo is co-owner of Urth Juice Bar, located at 5317 McCullough Ave. in Olmos Park. She and the Urth team are getting ready to open a second location in The Strand shopping center at Huebner and IH-10. For more about Urth Juice Bar, visit

Juice It Up In SA!

Here's where to find fresh, unpasturized, cold-pressed juices in San Antonio:

FARM TO JUICE – three locations: 1) 18730 Stone Oak Pkwy, Ste. 100 (210- 332-5853), 2) 11814 Wurzbach, in The Elms (210-257-9584), 3) NEW! 3107 TPC Pkwy, Ste. 103,

JUICER HEROES – three locations: 1) 17803 La Cantera Terrace, Ste. 8119 in Eilan (210-474-6564), 2) 15337 San Pedro/281 N (210-233-9958), 3) NEW! 20079 Stone Oak Pkwy, Ste. 1106 (210- 491-1300),

ONE LUCKY DUCK – 303 Pearl Pkwy, Ste. 109 (210-223-3825),

RAW HAPPINESS – 1502 S. Flores St. (210-639-5433), www.rawhappiness. com.

REVOLUCION COFFEE + JUICE – two locations: 1) 7959 Broadway, Ste. 507 (210-701-0725), 2) NEW! 1288 Texas 337 Loop in New Braunfels,

URTH JUICE BAR – 5317 McCullough Ave. in Olmos Park (210-272-0467), COMING SOON! 2nd location at The Strand, Huebner & IH-10, www.

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