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Natural Awakenings San Antonio is more than a magazine – it is a community of caring readers, subject matter experts and advertisers who learn, grow and interact with one another to make positive individual and collective contributions throughout our community.

As the premier healthy and sustainable lifestyle magazine in the greater San Antonio area, we offer businesses and organizations s many opportunities to reach and connect with our highly engaged readership. These opportunities include:



We offer specially designed advertising and marketing packages tailored to help you reach your audience and grow your business. See our 2017 Media Kit for more information on our advertising packages.

Why advertise in Natural Awakenings?

You get access to our niche, prequalified audience. When you go fishing, would you rather cast your line in a huge pond with a few nibbling fish or in a small pond with lots of hungry fish. We are the equivalent of the small pond with lots of fish. We know this for a couple of key reasons:


1. Our distribution model – Our readers seek us out. We’re a demand-pull publication; we don’t push our publication out to readers’ mailboxes or wave it in their faces each day. Our readers seek us out and actively pick up a copy of our magazine each month because they are interested in their health, their family’s health and the health of our planet. This essentially “prequalifies” our readership and gives your advertising and marketing dollars much bigger “BANG” than you can get from any mass-market publication.


2. Audit findings confirm our readership’s high engagement with advertisers. Within the last two years Natural Awakenings magazines nationwide participated in a CVC Verification Council audit. The audit showed that Natural Awakenings readers tend to represent an ideal target audience for green businesses, and they are highly interested in businesses and products that focus on health and wellness.


  • 80% of readers purchased products or services from ads seen in Natural Awakenings.
  • Readers named Natural Awakenings as their No. 1 source for health-related information, higher than TV, radio, Internet and other print publications.
  • Our readership is primarily female (70%), and almost three-quarters of our readers are between the ages of 25 and 54.


Call us at 210-854-0362 to learn more about what makes Natural Awakenings San Antonio unique and all the ways we can help you connect with our readers! 

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