“QT” HEALING: Engaging Our Body’s Energy to Heal


by Frank Detrick

Why do most people visit their doctor? Usually because they are in some kind of physical pain or discomfort, and they want relief. Many times pills are prescribed to alleviate symptoms, but often the underlying problems are not resolved.

Quantum-Touch (QT) is a natural healing modality that helps rebalance the body and its systems energetically. It is a simple, easy-to-learn technique that uses intention, body sweeping of energy, and breathing exercises that can help any body heal itself.

As energy levels and body vibrations rise, healing occurs naturally; pain is reduced or completely eliminated.

Is it really that easy? Yes! Our bodies are always working toward a state of wellness, but often we get in the way. Think of your body and the daily “assaults” it must respond to.

These often include things like:

  • Getting only five hours of sleep last night.
  • Skipped breakfast, or worse, a glazed donut or packaged cinnamon roll.
  •  A fast-food lunch, followed by three afternoon sodas to keep you awake.
  • Eight hours of sitting, hunched at your work computer.
  •  Stress all day from looming deadlines.
  • Pizza for dinner, followed by a pint of ice cream.

All of these choices hugely impact our health. If we do not spend time to recharge with activities, such as biking, yoga, meditation, or some kind of “me time,” the result could be sickness and pain because our body can only handle so many stressors.

Pain is your body’s way of communicating to you there is a problem. For example, how many people today have some kind of back issue? Whether it’s from physical labor at work, sitting improperly at a desk all day, an unhealed injury or just stored stress, the majority of us wince or groan when easing out of a chair.

Quantum-Touch can help your body recover from back pain, no matter the cause. When the body’s vibrational levels are raised, the muscles are able to loosen and relax. Connective tissue and tendons also relax, allowing the body to re-establish healthy body function.

Sometimes pain is caused by misaligned bones. Difficulty turning your neck could be the result of one shoulder blade higher than the other. Your frequent headaches may be caused by the skeletal sutures of your skull having shifted out of place. One hip out of alignment may create a pain in your back. If both your hips and shoulders are out of adjustment, your spinal cord is most likely also out of alignment, causing discomfort. Once these are shifted back to their natural state, symptoms are reduced or eliminated. QT has the ability to realign these bones back into proper position.

Stress and anxiety, which afflict many today, can also be relieved by QT. I’ve worked on many clients with high-stress jobs. They come in very tense; their bodies are stiff, like a brick wall. After just one 20-minute session, the majority of people float off the table and out the door feeling total relaxation. They leave grounded, with a sense of peace and a quiet mind.

Our bodies are wonderfully equipped to heal themselves. Energy healing offers a way to move the blocks we create out of the way so that our bodies can take heal and thrive.

Quantum TouchFrank Detrick is a Quantum- Touch instructor and practitioner and also a Reiki master/teacher. He and his wife Becky, who is also a certified Quantum-Touch practitioner, own Grounded Monkey, a local business focused on helping people heal themselves naturally. For more information about Quantum-Touch, including information about upcoming workshops available in July and August, visit www.groundedmonkey.com or call 210-445-4005.


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