QiGong 101 (part 2): Reach Your Highest Energetic Potential


This month I am continuing to share some basic information about what qigong is and the many benefits of a regular qigong practice.

Qigong is about breath mastery.

The best schools emphasize breathing to remove blockages and build a surplus of energy. Through technical training in abdomen placement, you can increase your body temperature and blood circulation on demand. When someone lays hands on another person while doing Tumo breathing it can send profound waves of healing Qi into that person. Note this reference from The Bible, Genesis 2:7: “God formed man of the dust of the ground and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life; and man became a living soul.” Does it weaken our connection to Spirit if we are breathing shallow? Scripture suggests a connection with being alive and breath incoming through our nostrils.

Qigong is about getting “high” naturally.

Alcohol transforms the mind-state, yet also destroys the liver. Qi has no side effect except making you feel full of vitality. Its highs are beyond words. With focused practice, most people can move Qi and create a mild to intense euphoria. Qi is free, abundant and right under our noses, which makes it the ultimate ally to rise above life’s obstacles and reduce stress.

Qigong strength training is nurturing to Qi instead of taxing like some traditional exercises.

If you have old injuries, you can practice qigong. We use “Holding Qi” postures like Horse Stance to build the root chakra and leg strength. When doing HyperThrows in our routines, we use fast followed by slow brushing movements, which works wonders for circulatory issues, building speed/ strength and giving a burst of energy. Yin & Yang alternating movements open arteries to expand blood flow beyond what traditional exercise is capable of.

Anyone can do qigong strength training, even the severely injured.

Mike Maier, a retired fighter pilot and martial arts seeker, was so badly injured he couldn’t hold his arms above his head for more than 10 seconds. He approached me at our 2,000-person National Qigong Conference to complain of his discomfort. I told him that his body was adaptogenic and building new neurons as we were talking, preparing his arms for the next time he would be holding the postures. Six months later Mike became an advanced teacher of our qigong strength training. I personally watched him do 200 pushups, which is prerequisite for passing that certification. He could not do even one single pushup before meeting us. What I believed happened for Mike is Qi moved blood and possibly helped move circulation into his torn shoulder along pathways that were previously blocked. This is an example of how qigong can heal.

Enlightenment requires a body that can hold the light.

Fitness is not only about muscles; it’s about the nervous system. Your lower abdomen is the seat of what qigong calls your “Dan Tien,” which is your center of gravity housing the majority of vital energy. It wasn’t until I learned pranayama breathing that I experienced being one with the universe. My whole body filled with blissful electricity that hummed inside me. For a time I was one with Spirit and matter and I knew I was going to dedicate my life to teaching how to access this bliss naturally. Yogis describe nirvana as a mind-state where we access our “super consciousness.” From these highervibration states we can receive Divine insight and creativity.

Healthcare practitioners need qigong.

They can prevent feeling drained by using specialized breath/ movement exercises. This is a fact for many therapists and nurses that I encounter. Each year we train hundreds of registered nurses and nearly all of them complain that they constantly feel drained. Often massage therapists take on the aches and pains of their clients. While this may sound superstitious, I assure you the phenomena is real. Often doctors who specialize in a certain aspect of medicine are exposed to a certain “energy information signal” so frequently that they end up with the same problems they are surrounded by. By using qigong, practitioners can easily cleanse their energies.

Practicing qigong in groups is the secret!

By 1999, before the Chinese government made qigong illegal to practice in groups, there were 100- 200 million Chinese people practicing under a handful of very famous qigong masters. Approximately 10 percent of the Chinese population was practicing in a qigong group, usually held at universities, government buildings or public parks. Dr. Yan Xin was perhaps the most influential qigong figure of all time. He facilitated 30,000-person Qi lectures inside large stadiums. Due to the huge collective energy at these stadium events, many experienced the deepest levels of qigong within hours, and many healings were reported. I believe qigong is God-connecting, humbling, healing to the spirit and a unifying force for humanity.

Jeff Primack is the founder of the Supreme Science Qigong Center in Florida. For the past 15 years, Primack has shared Qigong Healing with tens of thousands of people at workshops across the country. Primack is bringing his Qi Revolution four-day workshop to the Austin Convention Center June 14-17. For information or to reserve tickets, call 800-298-8970 or visit QiRevolution.com. See the ad on page 3.

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