Plan Your Eating: Forget “Diets” – Create an Eating Plan Instead!


by Josh Taylor

Dieting. Everyone’s doing it. Trying “this” new diet or “that” new diet. Your “diet” is actually the food you consume that makes up what you eat on a regular basis. Put that way, we’re all on a diet because we all consume food on a regular basis.

People try dieting for many reasons, but the most common reason is the desire or need to lose weight for health and/or vanity reasons.

The problem with most diets is the stigma they carry. For many there’s an inherent negative connotation, often for good reason. That may be because dieting is inherently restrictive – you diet to restrict yourself from eating certain foods that the diet labels “bad.”

Try an Eating Plan Instead

Instead of “dieting,” focus on creating and following an “eating plan.” See how that sounds more positive, more proactive and less reactive? I can create an eating plan and not have to resort to “going on a diet” – I can handle that!

An eating plan involves more than “what” you eat – it includes “when” you eat and “how” you eat. When people ask me what and how much they should eat, it is usually because they want to lose weight. What they don’t realize is that weight gain is merely a symptom of a faulty metabolism. If they were eating and digesting their food properly, they would not gain weight. Remember that your body is constantly in a state of repair. If you don’t put the right foods in, your body won’t extract the vital nutrients needed to rebuild.

As for when and how to eat, I’ll use my eating plan as an example. My typical day consists of constant steady snacks and smaller more frequent meals. I do this because our bodies can only digest and assimilate so much food at one time. If you only eat three larger meals three times per day, you may not be bringing in enough nutrition.

This is also why so many Americans take some type of multivitamin every day. They aren’t getting all the good nutrition that their body needs from the food they eat. I don’t take a multivitamin, and while every person is different, most shouldn’t have to get their nutrition from a pill. Instead, try eating more healthy snacks throughout the day, and you may be surprised at the result.

When you eat good clean food, your body takes what it needs and the bulk of the rest passes through your system. When your body has trouble breaking food down, it tends to store much of it as fat without turning it into energy. This is why many people feel tired after a meal. Their gastrointestinal tract is not working properly so the food they do eat doesn’t turn into fuel to help them get through the day.

Begin eating nutrient-dense foods, and watch as your cravings begin to diminish and the extra weight you’re carrying starts to melt away.

Josh TaylorJosh “Superfood” Taylor is co-founder of Juicer Heroes, which has locations at 14337 San Pedro (210-233-9958) and 18730 Stone Oak Parkway (210-332-5853) in San Antonio. Visit for more information.

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