San Antonio Book Festival Celebrates 5th Year on April 8


Readers and writers unite! April 8 is the day to celebrate ideas, books, libraries and literary culture at the San Antonio Book Festival. The San Antonio Public Library Foundation started the festival in April 2013, and it has grown to feature more than 90 national, regional, local and emerging authors.

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Eco Yards: Turning Lawns into Native Landscapes


by Lisa Kivirist and John D. Ivanko

“Traditional turf lawns are an ecological nightmare,” says John Greenlee, author of The American Meadow Garden, who notes that most monoculture turf lawns never even get used.

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Strawberries Galore and Much More at 70th Poteet Strawberry Festival, April 7-9


Strawberry lovers and festival fanatics will want to mark their calendars for the 70th Annual Poteet Strawberry Festival, which takes place April 7-9. What started as a small invitation to sample Poteet’s sweet delicacies has blossomed into an annual celebration featuring concerts with nationally known stars and regional bands, gunslingers, carnivals, contests, rodeo performances and (of course!) a strawberry auction.

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Butterfly Rescue: How to Create Helpful Home Habitats


We watch the graceful flight of colorful butterflies and appreciate their crucial role as pollinators. Establishing butterfly gardens or accommodating them in yard plantings increases food sources radically threatened by reductions in blossom-rich landscapes due to development, intensive agriculture, insecticides and climate change.

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Sedentary Kids Lag in Reading Skills


A study from the University of Eastern Finland, in . .Kuopio, has found that less active boys perform worse in reading and arithmetic classes than their more active counterparts. Researchers studied 89 boys and 69 girls ages 6 to 8 and measured their sedentary time and moderate to vigorous physical activity (MVPA) time using a heart rate monitor, movement sensors and body fat percentages.

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Silencing Cyberbullies: How to Defuse Bad Actors


by April Thompson

Whether it’s a damaging rumor posted on Facebook, a humiliating photo shared on Instagram or a threatening text, cyberbullying is increasing among today’s youth. A 2015 Cyberbullying Research Center study of middle school students found that 43 percent had been targeted, while 15 percent admitted to being online bullies.

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Botanical Breakthrough: Oregano Oil Proves a Safe Antibiotic for Poultry


In many large commercial chicken farms, the animals are fed antibiotics to keep them healthy and fight off infections. But due to consumer demand, McDonald’s has eliminated antibiotics used in human medicine from its entire restaurant chicken supply.

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No Benefit to Cutting Fat in Cheese


Anyone who has struggled to reduce the intake of lowdensity lipoprotein (LDL or “bad” cholesterol) may have considered avoiding saturated fat in their diets, although the latest metastudy published in the Annals of Internal Medicine now refutes this.

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Hello Gyro: Workouts Use Natural Body Patterns


by Aimee Hughes

“Imagine an exercise system that strengthens the body enough to be used in training world-class athletes, stretches more safely than any form of yoga and expands the core training concepts of Pilates into natural full-body movements like those used in everyday reaching and walking, along with jumping and swimming.

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Kids Going Online at Bedtime Sleep Poorly


A new study from King’s College London has found that children’s use of electronic devices close to bedtime can reduce their chances of a good night’s sleep. Researchers examined 20 existing studies encompassing 125,000 children between the ages of 6 and 19.

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