TAROT NOW: JUNE 2013 by Kathleen Smith


Summer’s here, and most of us are anticipating vacationing and relaxing with our children, family and friends. Summer vacation options seem endless—a weeklong cruise, the beach at Galveston or South Padre, tubing on the Guadalupe River, state and national parks, cookouts, the zoo, pick-up games and much more. Where do we begin?

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The Moon in Gemini: Enjoy Mental Sharpness, But Don’t Over-Analyze by Kramer Wetzel

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In Western Astrology, the system handed down through the millennia as a method of selfunderstanding and prognostication, the importance of the Natal Moon is part of critical and accurate birth chart interpretations. When the Natal Moon is in the sign of Gemini, this indicates a high degree of mental acuity. Great minds. Too quick on some occasions, but that is inherent with this symbol.

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Healing Through Quantum-Touch: Non-Invasive Energy Healing Provides Relief and is Easy to Learn by Frank Detrick

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You may have heard the phrase “Quantum-Touch,” but what exactly is it? In a nutshell, Quantum-Touch is an alternative form of energy healing that works at the cellular level to allow a person’s body to heal itself. Unlike mainstream medical practice that often points patients to prescription medication to relieve symptoms and promote healing, alternative methods of healing work with the body’s natural intelligence to holistically balance and restore health. Quantum-Touch is one energy modality that provides a holistic, alternative approach to body balancing and healing.

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A Holistic Approach to Diabetes and Peripheral Neuropathy by Jason D. Gourlas, PA-C

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If you or someone close to you has been cautioned about “high blood sugar” or hyperglycemia, you probably understand the relationship between the hormone insulin and blood sugar levels. Insulin is a hormone whose main function is to carry sugar, and energy source, to cells. Hyperglycemia results when there is either a lack of insulin or when a body isn’t able to use the insulin it has made (also known as insulin resistance).

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Vacation Success: 8 Tips for Designing a Stress-Free Family Vacation by Renee Peterson Trudeau

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This past summer, our family was invited to visit friends for the weekend at their cabin on the river, a few hour’s drive from our house. Two days before we were going to leave, my husband and I were frantically creating lists of all the things we needed to buy, prepare, and pack—when we suddenly paused and looked at each other.

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Male Breast Health: Breast Cancer – It’s Not Just a Female Disease by Dr. Helen Goldberg, MD

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Breast cancer dominated media airwaves last month following the news of Angelina Jolie’s double mastectomy due to the discovery of a gene mutation that significantly increased her risk of developing breast cancer. Shining a spotlight on breast cancer is a good thing; the deadly disease impacted the lives of almost 227,000 U.S. women in 2012 and took the lives of almost 40,000,according to the American Cancer Society.

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Paleo Health: Nutritional and Health Benefits of the Paleo Diet by Beverly Meyer, Clinical Nutritionist, MBA

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Part 2 of a 3-Part Series

Worried about your weight? Tackling triglycerides? Are you watching your glucose? If so, the “Paleo Diet” may be your new best friend. Paleo focuses on foods we ate before farming and the domestication of animals completely changed our menu some 12,000 years ago. Prior to this time, we were hunters and gatherers and our highly evolved digestive system was fine-tuned to process animal protein, animal fat, coconuts (and coconut fat), and fresh plants.

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Juice Fasts: Boost Your Health With a Healthy Infusion of Nutrients by Josh Taylor

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Juice fasting has become all the rage recently with its many benefits from weight loss to detoxing. There are many different types of juice fasting, from a quick three-day fast to a month or two-month juice fast. The benefits from the different types of fasts vary, and deciding what the right one is for you can be tiresome and confusing.

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Nutrients vs. Calories: Why Knowing the Difference Can Improve Your Health by Dr. Michael S. Boss, DC

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When it comes to what you put in your body, what is most important – nutrients or calories? If you’re like most people, the focus is on calories. “Calories in, calories out!” is the rallying cry, the mantra of many doctors, nutritionists, dieticians and trainers.

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Dental X-ray Fears: Concerns Over Dental Radiation Exposure Unfounded by Dr. Paul Wilke, DDS

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X-ray images are a dentist’s most valuable diagnostic tool. They are much more important than even an oral examination. I can’t provide the highest quality of care to my patients without them. X-rays are routinely used to detect decay between teeth and under fillings and crowns. Most of the time, this decay cannot be seen in the mouth visually.

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