International Artisan Fair at the Pearl, Dec. 14, 15


Artisans from 14 countries bring their work to San Antonio on Saturday, Dec.14, to share and sell at the International Artisan Fair non-profit event, located at the Pearl.

The event brings creative people from all over the world together to share their stories and traditional art forms with the public, as well as give them the opportunity to make a decent living from what they love most – art! 

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All’s Fair World Gifts: Fair Trade for a Better World


Editor’s Note: Natural Awakenings Readers are unique in many ways. During the holiday season, for example, many readers are more thoughtful about their gift-giving, preferring healthy, planet-friendly options over the plethora of disposable, unsustainable choices. All’s Fair World Gifts offers the unique option of supporting and lifting up small global businesses – it’s a place where you can both feel good about your gift and about supporting small fair trade businesses across the globe. We asked owner Hollye Schwartz to share more about her business with NA readers.

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Meditation Helps Heal Traumatized Veterans


Transcendental Meditation (TM) has a dramatic healing effect on people with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and can also result in lower blood pressure, according to two new studies.

TM—a technique to avoid distracting thoughts, decrease stress and promote a state of relaxed awareness—reduced PTSD symptoms in combat veterans by as much as 50 percent in just eight weeks, according to a study from Georgetown University, in Washington, D.C., published in the journal Military Medicine

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Sustainable Solutions: Competition Launched to Measure Ocean Acidification

As part of their mission of “making the impossible possible,” organizers of the XPrize, a global leader in incentivized competitions, have launched the $2 million Wendy Schmidt Ocean Health XPrize contest. Schmidt is president of the Schmidt Family Foundation, which strives to advance the development of clean energy and support wiser use of natural resources.

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Arctic Rescue: Finland Calls for North Pole Sanctuary


The Finnish government has adopted a new Arctic Strategy that calls for a global sanctuary around the North Pole as one of the key demands of the growing Save the Arctic movement, reversing its long-held position of backing corporate interests over the environment. 

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Sprinkle Cinnamon to Avert Alzheimer’s


Cinnamon is known as an excellent antioxidant that improves fasting blood sugar levels and prevents heart disease. Now new research offers yet another benefit and reason to add this potent spice to our daily diet.

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Near-Death Experiences: Proof of Life after Death


by Linda Sechrist

The advice that the White Queen gave to young Alice in Lewis Carroll’s Through the Looking- Glass might be some of the best to offer non-believers and skeptics that question the credibility of near-death experiences (NDE). When Alice protests, “One can’t believe impossible things,” the White Queen famously retorts, “I daresay you haven’t had much practice. When I was your age, I always did it for half-an-hour a day. Why, sometimes I believed as many as six impossible things before breakfast.”

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Revolucion Coffee + Juice Debuts Philanthropic Coffee Concept to Benefit Local Charities


“Conscious Coffee” Offered During Holidays, Benefiting Girls Inc.

Revolucion Coffee + Juice isn’t satisfied with just brewing and juicing delicious, healthful coffees and juices at its Alamo Heights location. This holiday season owner Angie Carral is launching a new philanthropic coffee concept that will allow Revolucion to offer an exclusive brew, dubbed “Conscious Coffee,” to patrons for a limited period of time, with 100 percent of profits from Conscious Coffee sales going to a local charity.

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Vegeria December Vegan Cooking Classes


Learn how easy and fun it can be to create delicious vegan dishes from San Antonio’s resident expert vegan chef, Vegeria’s Chef Fred Anthony Garza. He is offering three holiday vegan cooking classes in December.

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ALLERGY RELIEF: Cutting-Edge Allergy Treatment is Nothing to Sneeze At


by Barry Smeltzer, PA-C

For many local residents, November marks the beginning of the dreaded fall and winter allergy season. With the high ragweed, assorted pollens, mold, mountain cedar, elm and a whole host of other allergenic weeds, grasses and trees, many of you are already suffering and seeking relief.

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