Dental X-ray Fears: Concerns Over Dental Radiation Exposure Unfounded by Dr. Paul Wilke, DDS

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X-ray images are a dentist’s most valuable diagnostic tool. They are much more important than even an oral examination. I can’t provide the highest quality of care to my patients without them. X-rays are routinely used to detect decay between teeth and under fillings and crowns. Most of the time, this decay cannot be seen in the mouth visually.

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Dad & Daughter Dates: Making the Most of Cherished Time Together by Clint Kelly

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The ancient Greek playwright Euripides, renowned for his Greek tragedies portraying strong female characters, was likely a decent dad. He wrote, “To a father growing old, nothing is dearer than a daughter.” Entrepreneur and life coach Greg Wright, of Austin, Texas, updates the concept of this precious relationship in Daddy Dates: Four Daughters, One Clueless Dad, and His Quest to Win Their Hearts. He says that before the age of 30, God gave him a lovely wife; four girls, or “beginner ladies”; and a succinct mission statement: “Don’t mess up.”

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Healing Hula – Ancient Hawaiian Dance Sooths Body, Soul

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On June 23 Loka Studios welcomes Ka’ipo Park, director and founder of Healing Hula and Chanting, for a morning filled with the essence of Hawaii. In this free workshop, Ka’ipo will share her knowledge of Hawaiian dance, which integrates poetry, movement and rhythm.

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Be GREEN to Beat the Heat: Time to Ramp Up Energy Conservation Efforts by Joel Shuler

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As you well know, summer’s heat spans three seasons deep in the heart of Texas. What that means – among other things – is that the rising thermometer acts like a magnet pulling money out of our pockets as energy costs rise during the stifling Texas-sized summer months. Keep those hard-earned dollars in your pocket by adhering to these 10 energy-saving tips:

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