Winter Allergy Support: Holistic, Natural Relief is Available


by Beverly Meyer

Allergies may be the No. 1 cause of both “getting” sick and “feeling” sick this time of year. What’s the difference? Sneezing, coughing, fatigue and headache can be either cedar allergy symptoms or the effects of a virus. Many people suffer through weeks of misery when they could feel better quickly if they simply took the right allergy support. Ironically, if you get run down by an allergy, you ARE more likely to get sick with a bacteria or virus, so be prepared, and keep that allergy under control with natural methods.

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Winston School Hosts 24th Annual Learning Disabilities Symposium Jan 31


Keynote Speaker Focusing on “The Revolutionary New Science of Exercise and the Brain”

San Antonio’s Winston School opened its doors in 1985, and within a few short years the school hosted its first learning symposium to educate parents, educators, health care professionals and therapists about the behaviors and challenges presented by children with ADHD and/or learning disabilities. This year the school proudly hosts its 24th symposium on Friday, Jan. 31, and it is expected to draw more than 400 physicians, nurses, speech and language, occupational and physical therapists, counselors, social workers, educators and parents.

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Behavior Signs of ADHD: Parents Should Not Diagnose, But They Do Need To Know the Signs


by Dr. Zach Petter, DC

It can be challenging to match the behavior you observe in your child with medical terms such as ADHD, but with 1 out of every 9 children in the U.S. being diagnosed with ADHD, parents often wonder about a potential diagnosis. A misbehaving hyperactive child may be mistaken for having ADHD, whereas others suffer from the disorder but never receive a formal diagnosis.

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Toxic Metals in Your Mouth: Be Aware of the Potentially Harmful Metal Components in Your Dental Work


by Dr. Paul Wilke, DDS

There are lots of factors to consider when it comes to restorative dental materials. Physical properties include tensile and compressive strength, resistance to corrosion and tarnish, ability to cast well and bond with ceramic opaque and porcelain, the coefficient of expansion and contraction, and yield strength, to name a few.

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Brief Bouts of Yoga Bolster the Brain


Just 20 minutes of yoga postures, breathing and meditation are valuable tools for bolstering mental functioning. A study from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign reports that a single, 20-minute hatha yoga session significantly improved participants’ speed and accuracy on tests of working memory, focus, retention and ability to absorb and use new information. 

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START WELL: Don’t Let Pain Derail Your Health and Fitness Resolutions


by Dr. Jason Garrett, DC ACP

Airrosti Rehab Centers



A new year brings new resolutions, which are typically geared toward improving health and fitness. It’s important to remember that pushing too hard can increase the potential for injury. Before diving into a new routine, take time to listen to your body and slowly build up stamina and strength to start the new year well, not fast.

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WHOLE FOOD: Greater than the Sum of its Parts


by Margie King

Western science is obsessed with deconstructing food, researching and analyzing its component parts, isolating the active ingredients, repackaging them in pills or powders and prescribing them in daily doses. But according to Annemarie Colbin, Ph.D., author of Food and Healing, this chemistry-based theory of nutrition is upside-down.

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CREATIVITY KLATCH: Women’s Creativity Group Now Forming in the Hill Country


Former Natural Awakenings Publisher Karen Goins is launching a new women’s creativity group that will meet monthly at her Bella Green B&B and Retreat Center in Pipe Creek. The concept is to create a monthly improvisational “play day” using Julia Cameron’s “The Artist’s Way” as a foundation for exploration.

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Grassroots Gumption: Citizen Action Wins Against Monsanto and More


The Center for Food Safety (CFS), a national nonprofit advocating in the public interest, works to protect human health and the environment by curbing the use of harmful food production technologies and promoting organic and other forms of sustainable agriculture. It confirms that actions such as signing petitions really do make a difference. 

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MLK MARCH JAN. 20: City Hosts 12-Day DreamWeek Beginning Jan. 10


“Life’s most persistent and urgent question is: What are you doing for others?”  – Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. 

More than 100,000 San Antonio residents representing all cultural and economic backgrounds are expected to participate in the 2014 Martin Luther King Jr. March. It’s the city’s 27th year to celebrate the life and legacy of Dr. King, and San Antonio hosts one of the largest marches and commemorations in the U.S. The march is 2.75 miles and begins at the Martin Luther King Jr. Academy and ends at Pittman Sullivan Park. 

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