Figure-Friendly Tips for Holiday Parties


by Elizabeth Keller

Here we go again; the holidays are upon us. Along with plenty of good cheer comes a lot of good food. How would you like to be prepared for the cultural onslaught of treats and eats throughout Christmas and New Year’s? We can arm you right now to enjoy yourself without regretting it when you get on the scale in January!

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HOLIDAY TRAINING: Plan Ahead to Stay On Track During the Holiday Rush


by John A. Ruibal

One of the hardest times of year to keep your training on track is during the holidays. Research shows that Americans typically gain 1-2 pounds during this period. That extra weight can make a difference if you have a half marathon or full marathon planned in January or February.

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“Ask the Angels” Events on Jan. 4, 5 Reveal Angelic Guidance: Public Invited to Attend New TV Show Taping Events


“The angels are among us” is a common belief. Many of us “talk” to our angels, seeking guidance and comfort. Local intuitive and psychic counselor Briana Brooks helps people “see” and “speak” to their angels. Known as “The Angel Psychic,” Brooks is a psychic counselor who uses her Divine gift of clairvoyance to help clients receive the messages their angels are trying to communicate.

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HOLIDAY HIGH: Simple Tips to Feel Great and NOT Gain Weight this Holiday


by Dr. Michael Boss, DC

“It’s the most wonderful time of year!” so the song goes. So often I hear that this time of the year is a guaranteed 10-15 pound weight gain. Overindulgence is a common theme during the holidays. It’s true that various sweets and libations are commonplace this time of year, but that is no reason to gain a pant size or two this season.

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Power Walking: Shoe Insert Generates Electricity


Two Carnegie Mellon graduates, Matt Stanton and Hahna Alexander, are the founders of SolePower, a company making a shoe insert that stores the power generated by walking and running into a battery that can be instantly accessed via a USB port. Beta testing on the prototype has begun, with release expected next summer. 

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Go Batty During the Holidays: A Batty Christmas Educates About Night Fliers


Join Nyta Brown at Eisenhower Park on Saturday, Dec. 14, for A Batty Christmas celebration. Brown will share the life history of local bats and where to see them. Participants enjoy holiday crafts and hot chocolate. The fun starts at 10 a.m. at the large gated pavilion. Reservations are recommended and can be made by calling 210-207-5320 or by emailing Suggested donation: $3 per individual or $5 per family.

Eisenhower Park is locate at 19399 NW Military. For more information visit

SHOPPING SANITY: Tips for Merry and Bright Holiday Shopping Trips


by Dr. Zach Petter, DC

The holiday gift-giving season should come with joy, as people look forward to shopping for the perfect gift and spending time with family and friends. The hours spent shopping for gifts and party supplies may be exciting, but for children with learning and behavioral disorders, hours spent in a shopping mall can mean endless opportunities to become overstimulated. Shopping trips can become shopping nightmares when children may become restless, fidgety, tired, cranky, and hungry. So much for fa-la-la-la-la.

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Organization Station: Ways a Little Organization Can Beat the Holiday Madness


by Helene Segura

‘Tis the season to be fun and festive, but flailing about in a disorganized frenzy will certainly dampen anyone’s spirits. Getting it together pays big dividends, so here are three ways to do that:

1. Decorations

As you haul out your boxes, bags and totes full of holiday cheer, take the time to do a little purging and planning. Discard anything that’s broken, melted or so faded that you can’t tell what color it used to be. 

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To Get More, Give More


Giving away money or spending it on others increases the giver’s sense of personal wealth, according to research by Michael Norton, of Harvard Business School, and coauthor Elizabeth Dunn, of the University of British Columbia.

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A Winter Festival for Coffee, Dec. 14


Celebrate coffee during San Antonio’s Coffee Festival! The coffee beans will be roasting and coffee will be flowing at La Villita on Saturday, Dec. 14. Fill your cup with a full day of coffee celebration, including fresh, locally roasted coffee from all over the world. Meet coffee artisans, attend workshops and demonstrations, and enjoy live music, art and food. 

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