THE HEAT IS ON: Energy Costs Expected to Rise Due to Higher Use This Summer

CPS Energy

Editor’s note: The following information was provided in a recent press release from CPS Energy.

With forecasters predicting that this summer will be hotter than 2012, it’s a safe bet that air conditioners throughout the city will go into overdrive, resulting in higher energy consumption – and higher cooling bills. CPS Energy is estimating that its customers can expect to pay on average about 9 percent more per month this summer. That’s an average increase of about $13.50 per month.

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Juicing Essentials: The Life Cycle of Raw Unpasteurized Juice


by Josh Taylor

Juicing has a ton of benefits, from the many micronutrients and phytonutrients to the living enzymes and bacteria. One of the hesitations some people have about unpasteurized juice is the shelf life. Many things come in to play when it comes to shelf life, and they are all things that need to be evaluated and considered before you start juicing.

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A Bevy of Berry Benefits


Delectable strawberries serve up some sweet health benefits. Studying the effects of strawberries on cardiovascular health, heart disease and diabetes, scientists at the University of Warwick, UK, discovered that extracts from the fruit activate a protein called Nrf2, which increases antioxidant and other protective measures in the body and helps decrease blood lipids and cholesterol that can lead to cardiovascular problems. 

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iRun is HOT in July Three-Day Grand Opening, “Too Hot to Handle” Event Keep Runners Hoppin’

June 2013 - images_Page_10_Image_0002

The July heat doesn’t slow down hard-core runners in San Antonio, and the July lineup for iRun Texas is proof of that. First their Split Second Productions will help put on San Antonio’s July 4 5K Firecracker Fun Run at the Woodlawn Lake Island House. Then a day later they’ll kick off a three-day “grand opening” of their new location at Bitters and 1604. And then a week after that they’ll host the annual iRun Too Hot to Handle 5K/15K event at Boerne City Lake

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Pilot SAWS Program Offers $100 Incentive to Plant a Drought-Tolerant Garden

San Antonio Water System

Here’s a great incentive to save water and add color to your landscaping. SAWS is offering $100 coupons to entice residential water customers to convert some of their traditional lawn to colorful gardens of drought-tolerant plants. It’s a pilot program through July 31, so act now.

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6 Ways to Eat Safe: The Latest Facts about Organics, Pesticides, Seeds and More


Hot fun in the summertime begins with fresh, sweet and savory seasonal flavors brought to life in al fresco gatherings with family and friends. As the popularity of farmers’ markets and home gardening surges onward, it’s time to feast on the tastiest produce, picked ripe from America’s farms and gardens for peak flavor and nutrition.

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PALEO-STYLE EATING: Foods for Your New “Paleo” Diet


by Beverly Meyer, Clinical Nutritionist, MBA

Part 3 of a 3-Part Series

In Parts 1 and 2 of this series, I explained that the popular “Paleo” Diet (short for Paleolithic) asks us to eat the way humans ate for millions of years before we began growing crops and domesticating animals about 15,000 years ago. When we made that change, our diet changed completely, leading to our modern addiction to starch, grains, sugar and dairy. (Humans did not milk wild animals during the Paleolithic Era).

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Echolocation Anyone? Learn About Downtown Bat Colony During July Bat Tour


Austin likes to think of itself as the king of bat country, but we know better! San Antonio bat lovers unite! Join the San Antonio River Authority, Texas Parks and Wildlife and Bat Conservation International on July 9, 23 and 30 from 7:30-9 p.m. each evening for an educational “bat tour” at one of the largest bat colonies in the Alamo City.

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Bee Careful: Honeybee-Killing Pesticides Banned in Europe


Colony collapse disorder, a mysterious ailment that has been killing large numbers of honeybees for several years, is expanding, wiping out 40 to 50 percent of the hives needed to pollinate many of America’s fruits and vegetables.

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Neurotransmission Block: Host of Health Issues Can Be Linked to Neurotransmitter Issues


by Dr. Michael S. Boss, DC

The number of people in the U.S. with depression and anxiety issues is through the roof. You may know someone who suffers from these types of problems and says, “I can’t help it; I have a chemical imbalance.” Truth is, that person may be partially right. Another truth is, while he or she may have an imbalance, it’s something anyone can change.

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