OPTIMIZE YOUR PERFORMANCE: Boosting Your Performance Requires the Right Team and the Right Approach


by Dr. Michael Boss, DC

After another headline news story about an athlete using performance enhancing drugs (I’m referring baseball superstar Alex Rodriguez), I have decided to set the record straight on what it takes to be the best without cheating. There are ways to achieve champion-like results naturally, but it does require a team of knowledgeable and committed experts. 

First, let’s acknowledge that “performance enhancement” is big business. We see ads and images touting “enhancement” products multiple times a day. You hear about clinics that “turn back the clock” in 15 minutes or “achieve wellness” in six weeks. Remember, if it sounds too good to be true, it most likely is.

The Right Approach

Building muscle, burning fat, increasing speed, stamina, overall health and performance can be achieved through the right approach, based on the right plan backed by science, experience and research. Whether you are a competitive athlete, weekend warrior or an average “Joe” or “Jane” who just wants to improve your health and appearance, the key is the right approach.

Studies show that 68 percent of Americans think they are fit. The true reality is only 13 percent really are in shape. When it comes to performance optimization, there are a few key facts. First, optimum performance (whether athletic or ordinary human function) requires proper education, information, application, nutrition, training, recovery and guidance. Most people I work with at Elevate Life Wellness come in confused about what to do and how to do it. They may have tried all the products and programs they bought from TV or the Internet. The latest marketing fads like testosterone injections, things as absurd as drinking chocolate milk for muscle recovery simply fail to produce long-term results.

Stories of Success

Real success requires consistent, sustained effort. My oldest son is a good case in point. When he was 11, we moved to San Antonio because of his talent as a baseball player. The next step was to optimize his talents with the right type of performance program. We laid out a program that included proper daily nutrition, sport specific instruction, training strategies for his growth and development, treatment for his body to recover and enhance function, the right mental approach, education and study processes, and more. My son dove in head first and still practices these habits daily. He started with his raw talent, installed a big dose of effort with the right plan and saw real success. The end result was an All-State high school pitcher who achieved his (and his parents’) ultimate goal: A four-year athletic scholarship to college where he gets to play baseball and get a firstrate education, including a master’s degree. From my perspective, not a bad investment of time and resources. Plus, it was fun!

Another story of championship success involves a professional triathlete participating in our performance optimization program. An initial evaluation by our Elevate Life Wellness team revealed that this successful competitor was utilizing haphazard training methods, and his nutritional status and intake was keeping him from moving to the next level. He suffered from poor recovery issues and experienced unnecessary pain. Six weeks into his new performance enhancement protocol, he has seen measurable gains with an overall 11 percent improvement in his abilities, including speed, endurance, recovery, strength and function. This seemingly small bump in his performance has already been enough to get him a 3rd place finish in his first race of the season.

Following a “Holistic” Approach

This “holistic,” natural approach to performance improvement produces results. In my practice, I’ve had the benefit of working with a multitude of athletes from triathletes, football, basketball, soccer, baseball, tennis, Mixed Martial Arts fighters, youth sports competitors and regular middleagers like me. The goal is usually the same for all: Optimize performance with the right plan and approach for that individual. Whether it is a worldclass athlete, a high schooler hoping to get a scholarship, or a 55-year-old Type 2 diabetic, improvement and success is the goal. And yes, with the right plan and the right team, these results and improvement can be seen in 90, 120, and 180 days.

The right team and the right plan incorporates physicians, nutrition experts, specialized trainers and equipment, the right foods, the right eating plan, extensive education classes, specialized treatment and techniques, and more. The result is improved performance, confidence and measurable outcomes, whether you are that world-class athlete, a 13-year-old trying to make their select travel team, or a 35-year-old mother of two wanting to lose 30 lbs and get back into shape.

The bottom line is you can definitely win and achieve your fitness and performance goals without cheating.

Dr. Michael Boss, DCDr. Michael Boss, DC, has been a practicing chiropractor and wellness practitioner for more than 20 years. He is co-founder of Elevate Life Wellness, and he provides treatment programs that focus on functional health care, diabetes prevention and reversal, nutrition, acupuncture, exercise, hormone function and balance, chronic diseases, nutriceuticals and more. Call 210-999- 5463 for an individual consultation, or visit www.elevatelifewellness.com to learn more.

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