Note from DITI IMAGING: “WE’VE MOVED!” New Bigger, Brighter Home for SA Thermography Clinic

Diti Imaging

DITI Imaging’s headquarters in San Antonio will be located in a bigger and brighter office space starting Oct. 1. The new location, which will continue to offer pain-free and radiation-free thermography breast and body screenings, is at 10918 Vance Jackson, Suite 101, about three miles from its longtime location on NW Military in Castle Hills.

The new space is on ground level and wheelchair accessible. It’s a larger, fresher space with much more natural light, says Michelle Hart, who owns DITI.

“Our hope is that the new location will be more convenient for all and will provide a calm environment to help alleviate any stress or anxiety,” says Hart. The larger space will also allow DITI to host periodic wellness classes, speakers and mini seminars on various topics.

DITI Imaging takes a “do no harm” approach to breast screening and offers an alternative solution to mammography. Because many women have concerns about the mammography experience, they postpone annual breast screenings. With DITI Imaging's thermography approach, women don't have to fear the exam, and thermography provides a way to identify functional changes in the breast tissue that may indicate problem areas before a mass begins to form.

Early detection is critical, and DITI Imaging encourages women to schedule an appointment for an annual exam

For more information visit or call 210-705-1232.

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