No Shots, No School – NOT TRUE: Texas Law Allows Exemptions


The “No Shots, No School” messages that appear on public school marques this time of year are misleading, according to the National Vaccine Information Center. All states have medical exemptions, most states offer religious exemptions, and a few states offer “philosophical or conscientious belief” exemptions.

Texas is one of the states that offers all three exemptions. State law allows physicians to write a statement saying that a specific vaccine or vaccines would be harmful to a child or other person in the household. The law also allows parents or guardians to request an official exemption affidavit for reasons of conscience, including religious beliefs.

To request an exemption affidavit online, go to immco. You can also download a paper request that can be mailed or faxed to TDSHS at Completed affidavits should be taken to your child’s school.

For more information about required immunizations, obtaining immunization records and immunization exemptions in Texas, visit

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