NEW SOLE IN ALAMO HEIGHTS: Heeling Sole Barefoot Massage Has a New Home

Jeni Spring

Jeni Spring is enjoying her new digs and new neighbors in her Alamo Heights studio. The “Heights” provide a great location for Spring, as she spends a good deal of time perched above her clients while providing her signature “deeper than deep tissue” barefoot massages. The move to her new studio at 1864 Nacogdoches in Alamo Heights gives her more space and more opportunities to serve a broader audience. 

One of the first things she’s adding is “& Yoga” to her new business shingle. Yoga classes at the new studio are scheduled to begin in February.

Spring says she will continue to offer her Ashiatsu deep tissue massage and her Ashi-Anma barefoot sports massage that she infuses with hypnotic push-pull rolling techniques. Spring also plans to continue her barefoot workshops and courses; Spring is the state’s only BarefootBar Massage instructor.

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