New Pharm Table Meal Service Offers Nutritious, Prepared Meals Tailored for Specific Health Needs


Elizabeth Johnson is passionate about food, health and nutrition. A chef, globetrotter and Latin cuisine specialist, she truly believes that “what we eat can change the world.” That’s why she started Crave Market, which focuses primarily on getting as much fresh-pressed fruit and vegetable juices into as many bodies as possible. Johnson’s hands-on approach to nutrition and healthy eating has a new outlet.

In January she launched her latest venture: Pharm Table. Her new construct is much more than juice – it’s meals, healthy, delicious prepared meals that are tailored to meet specific health needs. The meals can be ordered by your medical or wellness professional, or they can fit your specific dietary preference. You may have a medical need, for example, for anti-inflammatory foods or a special pregnancy diet, or you may have a preference for a Paleo, vegetarian or vegan diet – whatever your nutritional need, there’s a good chance that Pharm Table can prepare and deliver a week or two-week meal program that fits your needs and preferences.

Johnson’s Pharm Table meals are prepared with ingredients sourced locally from Texas farmers and ranchers who engage in organic growing methods. She utilizes herbs and spices “curated from nature’s medicine cabinet to add flavor and healthful benefits.” Pharm Table is offering Monday evening “kick-start” events to introduce residents to the new concept and the food, and to better understand each client’s food needs and goals. Johnson says “bring a friend or your doctor to help spread the word.”

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*Photo by Jessica Giesey.

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