Needle-Free Acupuncture Now Available in SA: Electroacupuncture Offered at San Antonio Family Integrative Medicine


Needles can be more than a little frightening. It’s a common phobia that is a big barrier for people who could benefit from acupuncture, which involved the insertion of tiny needles into the skin as a way to provide healing and relief for a variety of ailments and conditions. Starting this month, there’s a new way for people to receive acupuncture treatment without needles.

Dr. Jay Sweeney, who owns San Antonio Family Integrative Medicine in Castle Hills with his wife Dr. Lara Sweeney, recently added “Electroacupuncture” to his practice.

Sweeney, who a year ago added Traditional Chinese Medicine-based acupuncture therapy to his practice, recently added microcurrent equipment that allows him to provide needle-free acupuncture to patients. Sweeney explained that microcurrent is simply very small amounts of electricity, measured in millionths of an ampere, that when applied to cells encourages them to generate biochemical energy known as ATP. This energy is what makes cells do their jobs, and the result is faster healing and rejuvenation.

“While needles remain one of the most effective tools in acupuncture, medical research is showing that specific microcurrent applied correctly to acupoints has an even greater and longer-lasting effect over traditional needle techniques, and in only a fraction of the time – with no pain,” says Sweeney.

San Antonio Family Integrative Medicine is located at 1931 NW Military Hwy, Ste. 204 in Castle Hills. For more information, visit or call 210-340-2150.

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