Moving Forward from Grief: Emotional Healing Comes from Feeling ALL of Your Feelings


by Michelle Mullady

We all spend a good portion of our lives working diligently to acquire those things that make life rich and meaningful: friends, a beloved partner, children, pets, a home, a career that you love, material comforts, money and security. What happens to us when we lose any of these persons or things that are so important to us?

Quite simply, we grieve. This is true when we lose anything central to our existence. Unfortunately, most of us are not taught from an early age to embrace the grieving process as natural; when it strikes, we’re unprepared and can become panicky, which can throw us into deeper hopelessness.

It is impossible to live without experiencing grief in a multitude of ways. There are “little griefs” such as a partner phoning at the last minute, just as guests are arriving for a large dinner, to say that he has to work late. And there are “large griefs” like losing a job, or having a dear friend move from down the street to another state. How do we deal with these continual losses?

A problem is the fact that many people are so detached from their feelings that when something emotionally catastrophic happens they don’t know how to deal with it in a healthy, healing way. When we consistently suppress our feelings, we impede life energy from properly flowing through our bodies, which can cause emotional and physical distress and ultimately illness and disease.

Grieving is a normal process, and the five stages of grief and sorrow (denial, anger, bargaining, depression and acceptance) need to be understood as the natural process we must go through to acknowledge and overcome loss. It’s not a process we must go through alone. Inner strength means knowing when we need to ask for help.

Feelings are a big part of the grieving process. I stress in my practice that all feelings are positive; the belief that some feelings are negative – sadness, anger, fear, hurt, hopelessness and despair – is false. All of our emotions serve a purpose and can offer forward movement. Feeling all of our emotions completely is part of loving and accepting all parts of ourselves.

Studies show that people who address their heartache by wrestling openly with the issues and emotions involved come through the experience stronger and more evolved. Giving ourselves permission to explore and release the energy and emotion without judgment is freeing. We must fall fully into it, let it consume us for a few moments. When felt fully, emotions release blocked energy quickly, and it dissolves instead of creating clogs in our lives.

So let’s talk it out. Run or walk it out. Hit a pillow. Have a good cry. Reach out and share our tender spots with a trusted friend. There is no shame in being present emotionally for ourselves and others. Feeling all of our feelings can be a daily spiritual practice that frees us, heals us and takes us to a higher realm.

Healing Tip: Honor your grief throughout the day by taking a few minutes to close your eyes and drop your attention down into your heart chakra and solar plexus area. Ask yourself how you are feeling in that present moment. Whatever the feeling, go into that emotion and give it a voice. Ask it to talk to you. Does it have a color, shape, smell, taste or sensation attached to it? Be present for these feelings, and ask what you need or can do to take care of yourself.

Michelle MulladyMichelle Mullady is a joyful living mentor, international best-selling author, master energy intuitive, spiritual guide and Transformational Healing workshop leader. Her passionate purpose is to help women and men to heal their lives, tune in to their intuition and fall in love with their authentic selves. To learn more, visit, or call 210-501-9582.

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