Local MD Teams with Elevate Life Wellness to Tackle Diabetes

Two New Diabetes Reversal Programs Offer Money-Back Guarantee

by Joel Shuler

Of all the challenges San Antonio area residents face, Type 2 diabetes is one of the biggest. Our diabetic population is currently 14 percent, which is twice the national average, according to the American Diabetes Association. Worse, nationwide the rate is increasing, not decreasing. The ADA estimates that one of three children born after 2000 in the U.S. will be directly affected by diabetes by 2050. With San Antonio leading the way in the wrong direction, we clearly need dramatic intervention.

“These programs provide everything needed to both eliminate Type 2 diabetes and enable participants to maintain a life free of diabetes.”

That’s exactly what Dr. David Ramos, MD, of R Family Medical Group and Elevate Life Wellness, affiliated with Juicer Heroes, hope to accomplish through two newly launched comprehensive Type 2 diabetes reversal programs. Unlike traditional diabetes “management” programs, the two programs – one for pre-diabetics and one for diagnosed diabetics – focus on completely reversing both prediabetes and Type 2 diabetes through a collaborative holistic, nutrition-based, whole-body wellness approach. Dr. Ramos and the Elevate Life Wellness team are so confident that the new programs will eradicate diabetes that both programs come with a money-back guarantee.

“I have wanted for some time to find a way to focus on diabetes in our community on a larger scale,” says Dr. Ramos. “This partnership with Elevate Life Wellness has enabled us to put together a comprehensive program that I believe can make a significant difference for many people in our community who are struggling with this disease and who are at risk of developing diabetes.”

The program for diagnosed Type 2 diabetics is an all-inclusive 12-month program that includes an initial medical evaluation and assessment, blood work, a juice fast, a customized nutritional eating plan, home exercise classes, wellness education classes, exercise workouts with a personal trainer, cooking classes, chiropractic adjustments and 24-hour ongoing medical support via email and text. The program for pre-diabetics (or people with a genetic predisposition for diabetes) includes the same elements but lasts six months.

“These programs provide everything needed to both eliminate Type 2 diabetes and enable participants to maintain a life free of diabetes,” says Dr. Michael Boss DC, co-founder of Elevate Life Wellness.

elevatelife-logoFor more information about the two diabetes reversal programs, visit www.elevatelifewellness. com or call 210-999-5554. For more information about Dr. David Ramos and R Family Medial Group, visit www.rfamilymedicalgrouptx.com or call 210-307-4285.

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