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September is here. How I love those three words. September always brings so many new beginnings – fall, school, football, to name a few. I always feel like, “Whew! I made it!”

What an issue! You hold in your hand a pretty phenomenal package. This September issue includes 16 information-packed articles, eight of which are contributions from local subject matter experts and practitioners.

 It also includes 14 local news briefs, 10 health and global briefs and 44 date-specific events on our monthly calendar.

That is a LOT of health-focused, planet-friendly, community-building information packed into 56 pages. I could not be happier to make this September issue available to you and everyone in the area.

PLEASE take a moment as you flip through these pages to notice the advertisers in this issue; their generosity (and their genuine desire to connect with you and improve your life in some way) is the reason this magazine is available at such an amazingly reasonable price (FREE!). Please patronize and support the local businesses and organizations advertising in this magazine. And pay special attention to the yoga studios and practitioners in the special yoga section. I’m thrilled to have so much wonderful yoga-focused content in this issue. If you haven’t tried yoga, you should!

Noteworthy Leadership

Say what you want about government and politics, it’s still a primary mechanism for making things happen in a city the size of San Antonio. Fortunately, our community has benefited from substantial positive and progressive leadership in the mayor’s office these past 14 years, starting with Mayor Phil Hardberger, first elected in 2005, and continuing with Mayor Julián Castro, who recently left the office to become the U.S. Secretary of Housing and Urban Development.

The contributions, especially those that focus on community health and wellness, from these two mayors are too numerous to mention here. Mayor Hardberger made a significant directional change with an emphasis on “quality of life” in San Antonio; that included a focus on improved parks and trails and ways for residents to safely get outside and be active. Mayor Castro embraced and continued what Mayor Hardberger began, and today San Antonio is a much more livable, healthy and vibrant city.

I’m confident that this positive change will continue. The business community has embraced a healthier, more active vision for our city, and the branches of city and county government seem poised and structured to continue this positive transformation.

As Mayor Ivy Taylor begins her service, we extend our congratulations to her and offer our support. May we all extend our blessings and prayers for her success, and may she add richly to the many contributions made by her predecessors. She seems off to a great start.

Finally, may you and your family enjoy a wonderful start to the new season. Breathe in September, and be blessed by the transformations it brings.

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