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To me, January has such an abrupt beginning. So much time and energy and emotion goes into the end of the year, those quick, festive December days. Each year when January arrives much too soon, I always wish for more time to plan for its arrival. I want to look back at the year gone by and take time to contemplate the year ahead.

New Year’s Day is the grand new beginning, the date on the calendar when we are to begin anew. It’s the time to resolve to do things differently, to make improvements, to plan a better, happier, more prosperous year.

But new beginnings happen much more frequently. There are 12 new months, 52 new weeks and a full 365 brand new days in 2016—all of them opportunities to begin anew.

As you contemplate and plan your new year, here are three things I will try to remember during each new beginning in 2016:

  • The things we focus on expand. We can choose to focus on the negative or the positive. We can choose to focus on losing weight, or on enriching our body, on eliminating pain or growing joy and love. Fortunately, we have the opportunity to choose each and every day.
  • Listen more. I believe there’s a voice inside each of us, a Divine voice that connects our human selves with our eternal selves. That voice knows the path ahead, and its role is to lead. The challenge—especially in the increasingly noisy and distraction-filled world—is to be silent and just listen for that voice.
  • Give. Almost every waking moment provides an opportunity to give—give of your time, your talent, your money, your love, your wisdom, your smile. I believe giving is why we are here; we are here to give of ourselves to all those who cross our paths. It’s important to stay attuned to this.

May all your new beginnings in the New Year bring joy and happiness, and may you and yours be blessed with health, prosperity and love each day ahead.


Joel Shuler, Publisher

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