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I had a tough, exhausting August. The reason was a major family move from one home to another. This was a huge life event for everyone in our family. I knew the actual physical move would be difficult, but I confess that I was fully unprepared for how tough it would be. Let’s just say that almost everything that could go wrong did go wrong.

Here are a couple of highlights:

  • Moving Day Fiasco: Our mover didn’t show up on the day of the move. After sleepless nights of frantic packing and a harried final morning of wrap-up tasks, no moving truck. When finally reached by phone, the mover (who was supposed to arrive with a full crew) told a story of being in the hospital after being hit the night before by a drunk driver. Was the rest of the crew coming? Um… no.
  • Sickening Feeling: I’m probably the most finicky eater in the family, much too particular about everything that goes into my mouth. Still, I managed to consume something two days before the move that set my gut in full revolt. Somehow, fed by adrenaline and anxiety, I worked my way through three 20-hour, body-aching, foodless days. I have a new understanding of misery.
  • Dead Battery: A day after the move was supposed to happen, backup movers arrived to move the big items from our old house into the new home. This was Sunday, and late in the day the workhorse family minivan sounded that horrible clicking noise you hear when the battery is out of juice. With everything else in chaos, I needed to find a new battery late on a Sunday afternoon. What next?

When you’re suffering, it can be easy to sink into despair. But if you’re somehow able to step back and adjust your mindset, you can find a lot of clarity in suffering. Prior to all of this, for several weeks I’d been running a mantra through my head throughout the day, over and over and over. “I’m flowing in the stream of well-being.” That was it. Through the horrendous moving experience, through the pain and the misery, I kept repeating it.

The result was an overriding sense of peace, combined with moments of joy, joy at being alive and having this incredibly intense human experience. I discovered that my mantra helped shift my mindset beyond the limits of my humanity to a more eternal perspective. Something deep inside found comfort in knowing that in spite of everything falling apart around me, I was still very much in the eternal flow.

So often in life, it all comes down to perspective. Perhaps something you read in this magazine will help shift your perspective and enable you to find your eternal flow. I hope so. Enjoy this issue and the beautiful month of September!


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