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I am excited, and I hope you are, too. As you may have seen on the previous page or heard recently on NPR, Deepak Chopra is returning to San Antonio on April 8 for an event on “The Future of Wellbeing” at the glittering, glorious Tobin Center. I know, I know – Deepak has been in San Antonio before, but somehow (to me anyway) this feel “bigger.” It’s another “Who’da thought?” moment for San Antonio, as in “Who’do thought a veggie restaurant or juicer bar could succeed in the Alamo City?” and “Who’da thought San Antonio would have a thriving and growing hike-and-bike trail system?” and “Who’da thought a ‘poet prophet of alternative medicine’ like Deepak Chopra could headline and fill San Antonio’s premier performing arts center?”

My excitement is not so much from Deepak’s visit; I’m excited about the state of our amazing community. Deepak’s engagement at the Tobin Center is further proof that San Antonio is improving in so many ways, especially from a health and wellness perspective. There will be hiccups and setbacks, but we as a community are solidly on the right road, and our positive momentum can’t be stopped; THAT’S what excites me. It means better physical-mental-spiritual health, a more livable community, more abundant and joyous lives for all of us.

I’m also excited because YOU – Natural Awakenings readers – are true ambassadors and guides on this community journey. This is your time to step up and stand out, to continue championing health and wellness and sustainable living in your neighborhoods and your spheres of influence.

Add to your calendar, if you are able, the April 8 Deepak visit. If your budget is tight, try to save $10 each week (slightly more than the price of one 16-ounce bottle of cold-pressed juice) between now and April. Small sacrifices can provide space in our lives for amazing, life-evolving experiences.

One of my favorite quotes from Deepak is one of his shortest: “The healthiest response to life is joy.” May you receive (and give) heaping amounts of both love and joy throughout the amazing month of February.


Joel Shuler, Publisher


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