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Adversity and new beginnings seem to go well together. One generally follows the other. Adversity often precedes a new start, and conversely a new beginning can be followed by struggle and adversity.

“Adversity draws men together and produces beauty and harmony in life’s relationships, just as the cold of winter produces ice-flowers on the windowpanes, which vanish with the warmth.” -Soren Kierkegaard

I’m reminded of this by the recent displacement of the (former) Quarry Farmers and Ranchers Market from its three-year home at the Quarry and its subsequent move to a new (and improved!) home at The Yard on McCullough in Olmos Park. The sudden uprooting from the Quarry wasn’t expected by market organizers, vendors or faithful patrons. Who’d have dreamed that a popular community retail draw like the Quarry (anchored by Whole Foods, revered in the health and wellness community) would kick out a much-loved, successful Sunday morning farmers market?

Cue adversity. And shock. And dismay.

As often happens with adversity, amid the emotion and hurt and anger, positive energy was flowing into the situation. Heather Hunter, market co-founder and owner of Cowgirl Enterprises (think delicious Cowgirl Granola), received a flurry of offers from throughout the greater San Antonio community. It turns out lots of people would jump at the chance to host a fun, established farmers market.

Heather and market co-founder David Lent also received a tidal wave of love, an outpouring of support, prayers and good wishes. That’s often the upside of adversity – the strengthened human connections, the love and compassion and comfort that flows in.

So in the middle of adversity, love enters, and seeds are planted for a new beginning – in this case, the beginning of The Yard Farmers and Ranchers Market, which debuted Sunday, Dec. 14.

Do we call this a happy ending? I’d prefer to call it a “happy beginning.” As sure as the sun will rise, there will be more adversity, and more new beginnings. That’s a funny thing about life; taking a new path, the right path, is never an end – it’s always a beginning, and adversity is part of the journey.

January is traditionally the month of new beginnings. A great place to experience a plethora of new things is at a local farmers market. Luckily, we have many options – in addition to The Yard market (www.theyardfarmersmarket. com), The Hill Country Farmers Market (www.hillcountryfarmersmarket.org) hosts three weekly markets, and the Saturday morning market at Pearl (www.atpearl.com) is amazing. A full list of local markets is available at www.fitcitySA.com. And so we begin again.

May love surround you, may peace find you, may God/Spirit guide and comfort you, and may you embrace the new beginnings (and the adversity) in your life throughout the glorious New Year.


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