Leo Moon: Combining the Extroverted Leo With the Gentle Moon


by Kramer Wetzel

It’s hard to overlook the majesty of the Leo Moon. The problem with the natal Leo Moon is that the Moon itself doesn’t always enjoy being parked in Leo. Leo is a Fixed Fire Sign, ruled by the Sun itself, so it lends a certain flair to the Moon’s capacity as an emotional vessel. It can also be potentially harmful, as they are two flavors that don’t get along.

Peanut butter and chocolate make a nice combination. However, unlike peanut butter and chocolate, the Moon’s Sign and Leo don’t always get along, at least, not on the surface. Moving past the obvious problem that the Sun is the Leo association and the Moon is the opposite of the Sun, the real problem comes from the gentle nature of the Moon and the munificence and extroverted Leo characteristics being in conflict.

Recognizing, embracing, and exalting the Leo Moon is the easiest place to start. From there, the good graces of the Moon’s influence are easier to work with.

There’s a conscious and subconscious flair that arrives with the people carrying this Moon Sign. They tend to arrive as a delicately scented aroma, like a perfume, classic but not overpowering, a grand entrance that is understated yet obvious. This is the sign of the person who can say more with less.

The only warning about this lunar placement is that the exaggerated passion can come back and cause problems. Anyone with The Leo Moon is capable of great personal sacrifice to arrive at the stated goal, whether that goal is a destination or finished project.

As with the Leo Sun Sign, the Leo Moon can be quite tenacious, stubborn to a fault. On one hand, the Leo Moon can hold onto an outdated idea or concept way beyond useful function; on the other hand, this stubbornness will work on a problem until finally reaching a solid solution.

When dealing with a person who has a Leo Moon, the easiest way is to emphasize the positive attributes and steer clear of the negative connotations.

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