Learn to Activate Your Heart’s Intelligence

Howard Martin
HeartMath Workshop Coming to Unity Church on Sept. 21

Since ancient times, people have spoken about the intelligence that resides in the heart, and modern science has shown that the heart communicates with the body and brain electromagnetically and through the pulses and hormones. Learn more about your heart’s intelligence by attending the HeartMath workshop on Sept. 21 at Unity Church of San Antonio.

Howard Martin, one of the founders of the HeartMath technique, will lead the workshop.

The Institute of HeartMath is a nonprofit research and educational organization that helps people learn unique coping skills for a healthy, happy life. Through tools, technology and training, the HeartMath technique teaches people to look inward and work with their heart’s intelligence as well as their mind. These techniques teach people how to cope during challenging times, handle stress, improve thinking and decision making, develop intuition, and better understand and manage emotions.

HeartMathThe HeartMath workshop takes place 3-5 p.m. at Unity Church, 1723 W. Lawndale Dr. Tickets are $45. For more information about the workshop or about Unity Church of San Antonio,  visit www.unityofsa.org or call 210-824-7351.

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