Juice Fasts: Boost Your Health With a Healthy Infusion of Nutrients by Josh Taylor

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Juice fasting has become all the rage recently with its many benefits from weight loss to detoxing. There are many different types of juice fasting, from a quick three-day fast to a month or two-month juice fast. The benefits from the different types of fasts vary, and deciding what the right one is for you can be tiresome and confusing.

The hardest part for most people is committing to the fast and sticking with it. There will be times when you are out with friends and they are all eating something you know you shouldn’t, and that is when you’ll be tested. For some, going through a juice fast is a major change; for others it can feel like part of their normal, healthy diet.

The Three Day Fast

The three-day fast can do wonderful things for your immune system, your digestive system and your circulatory system. The fiber content in raw unpasteurized juice will help to flush your system, which will clean out your “pipes” and give your cells a surplus of much needed nutrients. The nutrients contained in the raw juice are crucial for curing many health issues, from allergies to weight gain, and more severe metabolic issues.

With a three-day fast, you will begin to detoxify your organs and flush many of the toxins stuck in your adipose tissue (fat). The soluble fiber contained in the raw juice is crucial to maintaining a healthy circulatory system. It helps remove unwanted plaque from your blood vessels, which will help lower your blood pressure. One of the best parts about the three-day fast is the immune system boost you get. You can feel the surge of energy and resilience to pathogens and exercise. The three-day fast is for those who want that boost of energy and a good, light detox.

The Five-Day Fast

The five-day fast is no joke; this is for the avid juicer, the determined person who means business. By the third day on the juice fast, your liver will have begun its detox and should continue throughout the bulk of day four. After the fourth day on the fast, the hunger pangs will have subsided and you will be further detoxing your system. The digestive system will have been cleaned out and everything should be smooth. You will notice some weight dropping off and you should expect to be from four to ten pounds lighter than when you began the fast. Individual results will vary, of course, but these are the results seen time and again with juice fasting.

One of the best benefits of the five-day fast is the feeling you get after the fast is completed. Your system will be highly alkaline and your immune system will be full of vigor. You will feel full of energy and ready to continue focusing on a renewed healthy lifestyle.

One or Two-Month Fast

If you have some type of metabolic issue, type 2 diabetes, or acid reflux, this is the type of diet plan you can consider. Consulting with your doctor is highly recommended, especially if you are taking medications as there could be certain contraindications associated with the fasts. That said, the one or two-month juice fast could help you lose anywhere from 25 to 90 pounds, as long as you stick to the fast and don’t cheat. Many people choose to do a longer juice fast of this caliber because of the sheer volume of nutrients this type of fasting brings into your system. The nutrients will help to alleviate your pain and bring your body back to optimal health. You will nearly completely detoxify your system and most metabolic issues will begin the process of correcting themselves.

Juice fasting is not a gimmick; the results are real. If you’re wanting to give your body a beneficial infusion of nutrients, try a short-term juice fast and see how you feel. There is much information online and in many books on the benefits of juicing and the many recipes to try for best results. Give it a try – it’s a great way to elevate your life!


Josh Taylor is co-founder of Juicer Heroes, which has locations at 14337 San Pedro (210-233- 9958) and 18730 Stone Oak Pkwy (210-332- 5853) in San Antonio. Visit www.JuicerHeroes. com for more information.

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