Jammin’ Jams Fruit Tree Adoption on Jan. 28


The San Antonio Parks Department is getting together with the Alamo Forest Partnership for the annual Jammin’ Jams Fruit Tree Adoption event on Saturday, Jan. 28. Approximately 1,200 fruit and nut trees will be given out including citrus, fig, pecan, persimmon and apricot.


The goal of Jammin’ Jams is to add diversity to the city’s tree canopy with trees that provide edible fruits.

Trees will be given out starting at 8 a.m. at the Pearl Brewery, with attendees lining up as early as 5 a.m. for one tree per household. Recipients will be given instructions on how and where to plant their trees; they’ll also learn watering and maintenance tips, which are especially important for a tree’s first two years of life. The event will continue until all trees are adopted. The Alamo Forest Partnership is a non-profit organization devoted to the planting and protection of trees in the greater San Antonio area. Its mission is raising community awareness about the value and proper care of trees.

To learn more, visit www.alamoforestpartnership.org.

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