Ippodaro Salon Offers Organic Hair Care Options

Terri Rehkopf

Ippodaro Salon is relatively new in San Antonio, but its owner, Terri Rehkopf, has been a pioneer in the local salon scene for her focus on organic hair care products and her passion for educating her clients about healthier and less chemically harsh options for coloring and general hair care. Prior to opening Ippodaro, Terri owned Seshi, an organic-focused salon on Broadway. We asked Terri to share more about her latest salon venture.

What is your business, and how long have you been doing what you do?

Ippodaro is a full-service salon. I grew up in a family salon, so the hair care business has been a big part of my life. I have been a hair care professional for about seven years, with a personal focus promoting and using products that are organic, less harsh or potentially harmful, from a chemical standpoint.

The name Ippodaro is unique. What does it mean?

It means “beautiful princess” in Korean.

Readers of Natural Awakenings are health-focused and planet-friendly. What would readers find appealing about Ippodaro?

We us an ammonia-free hair color line that uses their pH adjuster in minimal amounts. We also use products that ensure all ethanolamine (MEA) is removed from the hair; MEA has been associated with cancer in laboratory animals. We use the Organic Way (Oway) product line, the world’s first professional organic hair color that includes biodynamic and fair trade ingredients. The line includes service products that ensure all product is removed while keeping the working pH of the color much lower than your typical ammonia-free hair color brands. We also now offer eyelash extensions that we are able to add with less toxic glue that does not contain harmful preservatives. This is a good option for people who have sensitive skin and allergies.

What is a first visit like for a new guest at your salon?

Ippodaro Salon has a very welcoming atmosphere. We take our time with each client. When it is your first time with us, we focus first on understanding your needs and what it is you are looking for to improve your hair. We strive to provide very personalized service to each of our guests.

Do you offer specials for new guests?

Yes, we have a new guest special. You get one process of organic color, deep conditioning, cut, style and blow dry for $99.

Why are you passionate about what you do?

I love making people beautiful. I want to educate people about the fact that there are better options out there in hair color and hair products. It’s my passion to help people be aware of the need to take care of themselves now rather than waiting until something happens, such as a cancer diagnosis or autoimmune disorder, etc. We take the time to be careful with what we put into our bodies, and it’s just as important to watch what we put ON our bodies. Many people I meet are not aware of organic products. It is never too late to start living a cleaner life by making minor changes, such as using organic hair care products like the Oway line, which is made in Italy. I simply want to make everyone aware of safer options.

What is one thing you want readers of this magazine to remember about your business?

We want people to know that there is an organic option when it comes to hair care, a product line that does not include harmful chemicals and instead includes active botanicals and pure essential oils.


IppodoroIppodaro Salon is located at 7300 Blanco Rd. Learn more at www. facebook/ippodarosalon or by calling 210-524-9744.

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