Integrative Healing Institute Offers Allergy Relief Open House on Oct. 18


With the head-pounding, nose-dripping, sneezy days of allergy season looming, now’s the time to develop your strategy for surviving the influx of airborne pollen and spores. Before scouring drugstore shelves and stocking up on pharmaceutical remedies, explore natural options for soothing and quieting allergy symptoms.

A great way to explore natural remedies is to attend the Allergy Relief Open House at the Integrative Healing Institute. Kim Krost, who owns the institute and who created the well-known natural Cedar X remedy for the dreaded cedar allergy, is hosting the open house on Sunday, Oct. 18, to introduce visitors to the wide variety of natural and homeopathic solutions. Kim and her team will provide miniworkshops on natural remedies such as acupuncture, cold stone massage, essential oil-based products and even crystals that help improve allergy symptoms.

NA_SA_10_15_Web_Page_08_Image_0004The Allergy Relief Open House takes place Sunday, Oct. 18, from 12-3 p.m. The Integrative Healing Institute is located at 7122 San Pedro Ave. For more information about the institute and the free open house event, visit

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