Integrative Family Medicine Welcomes Integrative Nurse Practitioner Lynda Sherland


Dr. Simone Norris, founder of Integrative Family Medicine, recently welcomed a new integrative practitioner to the practice. Lynda Sherland, APRN, is an integrative nurse practitioner who is now seeing new patients at Integrative Family Medicine. Sherland received her nursing degree at the University of Texas Health Science Center in Houston in 1982 and received her master’s degree in nursing in San Antonio in 1999.

She is currently a fellow in the University of Arizona’s Center for Integrative Medicine; the center, considered a global leader in integrative medicine, was founded in 1994 by Dr. Andrew Weil. Sherland will complete her fellowship in 2017, and she will see patients in San Antonio while completing the program.

“Lynda believes that listening is the key to helping individuals access their own inner healer, and she is excited to join Integrative Family Medicine, where she will have the time to listen to life stories and apply a holistic approach to acquiring and maintaining the highest level of health possible,” Norris shared in a recent social media post.

NA_SA_07_16_Web_version_Page_09_Image_0004To schedule a 90-minute initial consultation with Lynda Sherland, call 210-888-1817. Integrative Family Medicine is located at 18720 Stone Oak Pkwy, #201. For more information about Dr. Simone Norris and Integrative Family Medicine, visit

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