HORMONE HEALTH: The Key to Hormone Balance May Be a Healthy, Toxin-Free Lifestyle


by Dr. Linda T. Nelson

In mainstream medicine, hormonal symptoms (PMS) and menopause are seen as a hormonal deficiency, for which routine treatment is synthetic hormonal replacement. Hormone health does not depend on using toxic doses of synthetic drugs to suppress symptoms. Like any aspect of health, hormone health is linked directly to providing your body the optimal nutrition, exercise, stress control and detoxification that it needs to produce and metabolize hormones properly.

Given the proper environment, the body is able to manufacture its own balanced hormones.

Hormones are chemicals secreted by glands in the body. Once a hormone is released into the bloodstream, it targets a gland and acts like a messenger telling the gland to make its own hormone. Hormones stimulate or inhibit the actions of cells everywhere in the body. Glands, such as ovaries, adrenals, pituitary and hypothalamus, produce and regulate levels of estrogen, progesterone and androgens.

“Like any aspect of health, hormone health is linked directly to providing your body the optimal nutrition, exercise, stress control and detoxification that it needs to produce and metabolize hormones properly.”

Synthetic Chemicals

Changing a toxic, unbalanced lifestyle into a cleansing, healthy lifestyle can start creating hormonal health and balance. As we go back in women’s history, before the 1960s, we did not have to deal on a daily basis with a toxic environment. In 1996, researchers identified at least 51 synthetic chemicals that disrupt the hormonal balance system. There is an alarming example of what is happening to our culture by the addition of synthetic hormones in our food supply. Hormone drugs are consumed in animal food. Meat (beef, poultry, pork) that has been injected with growth hormones, or milk and milk products that come from cows that have been given growth hormones, or any other animal food source may contain hormones that alter the human body’s hormonal balance.

The physical impacts of these hormone drugs are becoming very visible. For example, there is now a trend of 7- and 8-year-old girls beginning their menstrual cycle in the third and fourth grades, rather than at the ages of 12-14, as has historically been the case.

Plant Sterols

As we opened our spas in Asia and began training on the M’lis programs, the lack of menopausal and menstrual symptoms was amazing. Studies show that the Asian culture and diet is high in plant sterols. Plant sterols are easily converted to human estrogen and progesterone in the body. There is a big difference between getting hormones from plants and from getting them from pills or from products that come from animals that have been fed synthetic hormones. In plant form, you are simply getting precursors, which allow your body to make whatever it needs. Foods that supply plant hormone precursors include flax seed, yams, raw nuts, bee pollen, raw fruit and vegetables, garlic and wheat germ. When introducing foods that are estrogen and progesterone precursors, the body doesn’t replace lost hormones with synthetics but instead stimulates the body to correct its own hormone imbalances. In the case of menopausal symptoms, it is an imbalance, not a shortage that actually produces the symptoms. The body is trying to get back in balance.

Lifestyle Change

As the body goes through a progression of disease and our immune system breaks down, hormonal imbalance almost always comes into play. Symptoms are always a late manifestation that there has been a breakdown in the body. We believe that 95 percent of all degenerate diseases begin with a toxic body; it makes sense that to balance the body, you need to go back and start at the source – you need to adopt lifestyle changes to allow your body to self-heal. Lifestyle change will always take a minimum of 60-90 days for you to receive the full benefits.


Dr. Linda T. NelsonDr. Linda Nelson, Ph.D., R.N.D, is a Naturopathic Specialist who has devoted more than 25 years of research to fibromyalgia. She is the founder of the M’lis Company and has developed Lifestyle Change Programs that are used in thousands of wellness centers, both domestically and abroad. Her programs have helped thousands of sufferers become symptom free, naturally and achieve a happy, healthy and stress-free life. Learn more about Dr. Nelson at www.mlis.com.


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